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Why You Need To Manage Your Poker Bankroll

Why You Need To Manage Your Poker Bankroll

In the case of achieving success in poker, you need to follow some plans and strategies. One of the necessary elements to be a successful poker player, whether playing online or at a live card room, is bankroll money management and discipline.

What’s the point of managing your poker bankroll? Well because no-limit hold’em poker has an element of luck you cannot win every hand and you cannot win every time you sit down. Even the best players in the world don’t win every time they sit down to play poker. Most people fail to realize this important concept and do not have enough money to cover the games they are playing in.

The variance in poker that you have to account for can be quite large meaning that you might be doing everything right and playing a solid and winning poker strategy yet you still lose night on night!

It happens to every single player if they continue to play and variance can be quite brutal especially in the larger-field multi table tournaments where you’re required to outlast a lot of players, hence why you need a bigger bankroll for these, which we will discuss more about below.

What happens if we don’t practice good bankroll management (BRM)? If you do not correctly manage your bankroll in poker and you play for a long enough period that variance including card distribution has time to have an effect you will end up going broke!

You can follow some simple guidelines that will keep you in the game for a long enough period of time to ride out the nasty downswings that will occur. The following BRM guidelines are what I think all players should follow if you are to be comfortable playing without having to think about depositing ever again.

It will be calculated by multiplying the total buy-in cost of any game. So if the buy-in is $10 and the rake is $1 for a tournament entry fee, the total buy in is $11. A typical buy-in when playing in a cash game is 100 big blinds.

Cash Games – 25 buyins

SNGs – 40 buyins

MTTs – 100 buyins

For example if you’re playing in a 9 man SNG which cost $11 to enter then in your poker bankroll you would need to have $440. This may seem like a lot but if you are to truly to approach the game of poker in a serious manner, then you need this kind of buffer to prevent yourself from every going broke and unable to continue playing. A typical no-limit hold’em cash game poker player should have a bankroll of at least 25 buy-ins. So, in other words, you never want to site down with more than a certain percentage of your total bankroll.

How aggressive can you be with BRM? Some very skilled players can certain be a bit more aggressive with their bankroll. If you have a big edge over the majority of the players in the game, then you can afford to be a bit more aggressive in terms of how many buy-ins you play with, as you will be making fewer mistakes, although you still need to account for variance, so you can’t be too aggressive with it.

Stop Loss Limits

Many poker players are unsuccessful in managing their roll and the primary reason for this is the lack of a stop loss limit. A stop loss strategy sets a limit on what your losses will be for a certain day/session. You can continue playing until your reach the loss limit of say 2 buy-ins or whatever you set it at. This limit will help you to prevent your bankroll from taking a big hit.

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