Why Are Slots So Popular?

Why Are Slots So Popular?

If you took the revenue away from casinos that they get from slot players, the casinos would be considerably less profitable. Regular slots, progressive slots and video poker machines are the bread and butter of the casino industry. This is true in both land and Internet casinos. In a live casino look at the floor space the casinos allocate to the slots on their casino floors. Online you see a huge variety of slots and video poker games. Very smart marketing people run casinos. There is no way they would offer all of the slots that they do, if the slots were not as popular with players. This one aspect of casinos has been in place since Las Vegas was just a dusty desert town. The only change has been the increase in the slot games and the number of people who are willing to play them. When you add the huge progressive slot jackpots to the mix, you have a situation that is conducive to more play and more slot players. This was a manufactured popularity initially to the casino market. Now, it has become an ever-increasing part of the casino ambience and a bottom line provider. Slot players love to play slots. It is as simple as that when the question is asked, why are slots so popular. The basic reason for this popularity is the play on slots takes very little preparation. Slots are easy to play and take no time at all to learn how to play. There is no learning curve like there is with craps or Blackjack.

Video poker takes the love of slots to a new level. Skill is part of the game in most video poker games. This ability to influence the outcome of each game accounts for the terrific popularity Video poker holds with the customers of online casinos. This factor along with the constant new games that are announced almost on a monthly basis is another part to this exploding gain in play.

Regular slots and progressive jackpot slots reward pure luck and no other factor. There is no learning curve with these slots and this alone would make them playable to all players. There is absolutely no skill involved or learning the intricacies of these slots. A player decides the amount of the wager and then pushes a button and hopes it is his lucky day. This makes the games playable by both new and old time casino players. Playing time and years of experience is not needed to win at these games. This alone is a sufficient reason for players to flock to the slots. Unlike many table games or poker, the slots do not take time to learn to play well. A freshly minted player can play any slot game with equal chance of winning as a player who has played the game for years. Craps and roulette take some time to learn to play so the house edge is at the minimum. A few minutes of play is more than enough time to learn to play any slot machine. Again this facet of slot play makes them very popular with the average player who frequents an online or live casino. They do not want to spend time learning to play; they just want to spend their time playing. Pots and jackpots are another inducement for players to spend time playing the slots. There are few other bets in the casino that can give a player a chance at winning a very large amount of money. This wager cost very little in relation to the prize that could be won. Slots payoffs online are going way past one million dollars for small bets. This group of factors has captured a segment of loyal players to many casinos. This constant cash flow with its predetermined win percentage is one of the best ideas that casinos have ever come up with. If table games were as popular as slots, the casinos would never make the money they do from slot play. For this reason, the casinos feed this group of players a constant diet of new games and new progressive jackpots to wager for. The excitement of winning a substantial jackpot is what keeps players coming back, even if they have never won a jackpot themselves. No wonder the casinos advertise the winners of big jackpots. Online casinos make news announcements all of the time when a player makes a big score. Live casinos have walls of winners pictured to show that the winners were just average lucky Joes. Slot players imaginations are pushed and fed the idea that anybody can get lucky and win. No learning, skill or decisions to make, just get real lucky for a moment in time. Even a new player can win at these games.


Without slot play many casinos would not exist and they know it and push it to the extreme by offering monstrous jackpots. Players hope that they will be the lucky player who gets the big payoff and their picture taken. There is no need to read books to learn to play. Years of play are not a requirement for winning. Hidden points of play that only are revealed by playing are not there and will not make a difference in the chances of winning. Luck and only luck is the only necessity for winning at this game. That alone is reason enough for many players to play the slots at any casino site or facility. The dream of making a big score is an attraction that cannot be over estimated for any one who questions why slots are so popular. When a second in time can make a slot player an instant millionaire it is easy to see why people take the risk to catch that fleeting moment As long as people have the desire to gamble, the slots will be with us online or in a brick casino. Slots have become a staple in casino gaming like no other form of gambling.

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