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What is Live Betting?

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is the hottest thing to happen to the sports betting world for a very long time. This new form of technology has raised the bar in terms of excitement, and entertainment. With live betting, a whole host of adjustable bets, and live action comes your way, whether you are playing from your desktop, laptop, table, or phone. But what is live betting? In this brief article, we’ll dive right in and explain this new craze for you.

In-play bets

Not all sportsbooks call it live betting. Some prefer to go with the term “in-play bets”. Make no mistake about it, though, they are one and the same. Live or in-play bets are sporting bets which are made whilst a match or game is in session, and therefore the odds fluctuate as it is being played out. Normally, bets cannot be made once a match or game begins, but with in-play and live bets, you can wager right up to the final whistle.

Follow the action

As well as offering you the chance to bet during the progress of a sporting event, live betting also enables you to watch the action online. This is true of all sportsbooks which offer live betting, although the medium you have to keep track of the action differs from site to site. Some major sportsbooks actually provide you with live video coverage of sporting events, so you can watch the action in real-time as you would do if you had it on the telly. Other sportsbooks choose to offer text-based commentary, and some prefer stats screens to showcase their current matches. The very best online sportsbooks will let you choose from the options above, so you can follow the game how you want to.

Place additional bets

One of the perks about following a game with live betting is that you can actually place additional bets once the game is underway. If you have bet on Team A to beat Team B, but Team A is taking a pummelling, then perhaps it is time to place an alternative bet. Perhaps Player X is certain to score, so you wish to slap a wager down on him to do so? These are all possibilities which you have open to you when using live betting platforms.

Cash out early

Some of the brightest and best sportsbooks will even offer you the ultimate option in live betting. This is, of course, the option to cash out early. If Team A is thunderously ahead of Team B, then it doesn’t really make sense to cash out early. However, if there’s just a goal in it, and Team B is looking increasingly likely to get that equaliser, then maybe you wish to cash out whilst you are ahead. In most cases, you will take a slight loss in the amount you can win by doing so, but it is a lot better than waiting to see your bet go down the plan via a late equaliser. This isn’t offered at all sportsbooks, so look around. But if you love live betting, this betting option is certainly your new best friend.

The future of sports betting

Being able to see the action unfold before you is absolutely tip-top. It is just one of the exciting aspects of the future of sports betting, though. Now that live betting has come to mobiles and tablets, you can actually disappear off to wherever you want (provided that there is an internet connection), and watch the game. You can bet from the pub, or from the stadium whilst watching the action live. You can even watch and bet whilst out shopping with the family on the weekend. There’s never an excuse for missing the big match when you have live sports betting. The possibilities are near endless, so sports betting clearly has a very exciting future ahead of it.

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