Watch The Shoe in the Baccarat Room

Watch The Shoe in the Baccarat Room

Baccarat is played in two places in a casino. It is played on the floor of the casino and it is played in an ornate room with formally dressed dealers. The difference in the game is who deals the shoe. On the floor, the dealer handles the shoe at all times including the dealing of the cards. In the room game the shoe is passed from player to player. The shoe stays with the player as long as the bank wins the hand. When the player wins the hand the shoe passes to the next player for them to deal the cards. My friend told me this angle for playing in the room. Watch the shoe to see if any player seems to hold on to it longer than the others. Watch for the player who deals tie hands when they are running the shoe.

He told me this tale of how he scored a large tie bet when he noticed that this one lady always seems to deal a tie while she had the shoe. He decided as the shoe passed to her to bet the tie progressively when she dealt. He started with one $100 chip and lost the bet. He then put $300 on the tie and lost. His third bet was the table max on the tie of $500. Before the hand was dealt the pit boss was asked by my friend how much he could bet on the tie. He was told $500 dollars. He made the bet and the whole table was intent on the hand being dealt.

At the game played in the room the player with largest bet on player handles the players cards and always turns their cards over first. On this hand the lady player running the shoe turned over her hand in her excitement to see how the hand was going to come out. The croupier stopped her and made her set the cards under the corner of the shoe. The table groaned, as the cards were a natural nine. The player sat stony until the croupier asked for the player’s hand. The player’s hand was also a natural nine. The table erupted and the let out a cheer said my friend. He added he would have never made the play if he had not noticed that this lady dealt a lot of ties. Up until this play, the most he had bet on a tie hand was $40.

A word to the wise, watch the shoe and see who is lucky with it. Play off of their luck.

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