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UFC/MMA in Sports Betting

UFC/MMA in Sports Betting


The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competitions are very much akin to boxing, when it comes to the types of sports bets you can make on these events. Of course, in terms of sports, they are hugely different. In MMA and UFC, people get genuinely hurt. You do go out to punish your opponent, and that can make for great entertainment, if you have the stomach for it.

People do get hurt, people can die, so UFC/MMA events certainly aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but these fighting competitions are popular to bet on. In some countries, these sports are deemed illegal to bet on, but for the vast majority of us, that shouldn’t be a problem. Whilst the UFC and MMA are two entirely different competitions, because the events are not as frequent as other sports, they are often grouped together at major sportsbooks. Women’s UFC and MMA fights are also held, and can be bet on at participating sportsbooks.

Betting on UFC/MMA

The winner markets are the busiest of all UFC/MMA bets. This involves Outright Bets, whereby you choose a direct winner of a match. As is the case with boxing matches, the favourite will offer far shorter odds than the underdog, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that a shock isn’t on the cards.

In UFC, you can also bet on how a fighter will win. A fighter may win via KO (knock-out) TKO (technical knock-out), submission, or a decision by the referees/judges. Method of Victory Bets are pretty popular in the UFC market, but betting on when a fighter will win (time-based bets known as Props) can be wagered in both UFC and MMA. Similar bets include Round Betting (how many rounds the fight lasts), whilst UFC and MMA sporting events can also be included as Live and In-Play bets at online sportsbooks.

Betting tips and strategies

It is sometimes worthwhile placing MMA/UFC bets using live, in-play betting services if possible. Just like boxing, the action can change any minute, and some of these bookies will allow you to cash out early. This can be useful, just in case your fighter is starting to slip up after an otherwise solid start.

It is also worth checking out if your chosen sportsbook or bookie offers UFC/MMA fights before you decide to sign up with them. Again, not all bookies offer these kind of blood sports bets.

Keeping an eye on your fighter’s stats is essential with combat sports betting. How much does your fighter weigh when compared to the opposition? How long is their reach? What is their fighting style? These are all statistical aspects you may wish to look at before deciding to bet on one fighter over another.

Major UFC/MMA sports events

Fight Night
The Ultimate Fighter
Title Fight

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