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Types Of Blackjack Games

Types Of Blackjack Games

Not everyone who plays Blackjack realizes that there are so many versions of the game. Some of these versions average Blackjack players have never heard of.

A game that is considered to be extremely close to Blackjack is called Ties Win. The two games share many of the same rules so if a player learns one they can easily learn the other one as well. It is possible for the odds of winning to be in favor of players when a player ties with the dealer. In regular Blackjack this means nobody wins. In the case of Ties Win players have a 2:1 ratio of winning. The values of the cards used in Blackjack are the same as the value of the cards used in Ties Win. Games of Ties Win include as few as one deck of cards or as many as eight, which is also the case in a standard game of Blackjack.

Tequila Poker is a card game that combines elements of Blackjack and Poker. Players use one deck of cards for each game and have no choice but to ante. Tequila Poker players are permitted four cards per hand and must prevent their opponents from seeing the value of their card. Players then have the choice of folding or playing the amount of their ante. Folding causes players to lose their cards while playing the ante results in the receipt of two additional cards. Like Blackjack, an Ace in a game of Tequila Poker has a face value of 11 points. Anytime a player has this card they have high tequila. Players that don’t have high tequila have tequila poker instead. In this case hands are scored the same way they would be in a game of poker rather than the way they would be scored in a game of Blackjack.

An early precursor to today’s Blackjack was known as One and Thirty. While Blackjack players need to get as close to 21 as they can, the number shoots up to 31 in this game. Blackjack rules apply to any hand that exceeds a value of 31. While a game of Blackjack requires multiple people, a game of One and Thirty can take place between the dealer and a single player. This game is not offered at any offline or online casino.

Quinze is a French version of Blackjack. More than 200 year ago this game was created and bears a similarity to the Blackjack played in casinos all over the world today. During the 1800s many gamblers in both England and France played Quinze but the game has not become popular in the modern casino industry.

Blackjack Switch is another version of the game. In this version players can swap out and undesirable card in their hand for another card instead.

With so many different types of Blackjack games most players can find a type that they enjoy. Each type offers players a chance to learn how the game is played.

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