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Types of Blackjack Games and Side Bets

Types of Blackjack Games and Side Bets

When you’re in a casino, you might notice a variety of Blackjack games available to you, but without knowing the types of games or how to play them you’re looking at a clear gambling disadvantage. A majority of casinos are offering new types of side bets that offer a variety of payouts but before knowing the odds on such games, it’s best not to play them until you get a better understanding of each so called game.

First of all, let’s go over the classic types of Blackjack games that have been offered for some time. These will include the types of Blackjack games that you might not even be able to play anymore as they have been updated with newer versions.

Blackjack Games

– Blackjack

The most famous and popular form of Blackjack is the original. The game is primarily dealt with two decks, or even with an automatic shuffler that usually contains 8 decks of cards. Depending on the casino you choose to play at locally or online, this will vary. The payouts for original Blackjack are usually 1 to 1 with the option of surrendering, doubling down on your first 2 cards, and a 3-2 Blackjack payout. Some casinos have even lowered the payouts on Blackjacks to 6 to 5 so it’s important to check with the dealer on the Blackjack payout before playing.

– Spanish Blackjack

This is actually one of the better Blackjack games that you can play online or in a local casino. One of the big differences between Spanish and the classic version is the 10 card is removed. This means that instead of playing on a regular 52 card deck, you will be only playing with 48. This is a big advantage to the dealer, however the game makes up for itself by offering unique betting features. When playing Spanish Blackjack, you’re allowed to double down at any position of the hand. Along with being able to double down a player, 21 is always a winner no matter what the dealer has. Although the odds are limited, it is possible win a hefty bonus if you are dealt a 7-7-7.

– Blackjack Switch

Another game you do not find on the floor anymore is the Blackjack Switch game. This game has a few different rules than a classic game of Blackjack, so make sure you understand the differences. When playing Blackjack Switch, the dealer will use between 6 and 8 decks of cards. The dealer will always hit on a soft 17 and the cards will be dealt up. Some of the advantages of playing Blackjack Switch is the fact that you can switch the top card between your two hands. For example if one hand is a 16 and the other is a 15, assuming the 6 or 5 is the top card for each hand, you can turn one hand into 11 and the other hand would be 20. Than you have the opportunity to double down on the 11 to get your 21. One of the biggest disadvantages while playing Blackjack Switch is when a dealer receives a total of 22. You will push both hands, unless you have a Blackjack in one of the hands. In that case, you would push/win the two hands.

Blackjack Side Bet Types

– Perfect Pair Side Bet

A side bet I see people playing all the time is the perfect pair side bet. To win this side bet, you will need to win one of four three ways. You must get two identical cards like two 3 of hearts or 3 of diamonds or a colored pair like a 3 of hearts and a 3 of clubs. The payouts for each vary with the identical paying out 25-1 and the colored pair paying out 6 to 1. The bet amount I have noticed with this side bet varies from $1 to $25 depending on what online or local casino you choose to play at.

– Match The Dealer Side Bet

You’re able to find this side bet while playing Blackjack or Spanish Blackjack pretty much all over the Internet or at a local casino. The goal of this side bet is that you must match the dealer’s up card. Depending on what versions the casino offers, the basic forms include one suited match and one none suited match. The payout for a suited match is 11 to 1 with the suited match paying 4 to 1. It’s also possible to receive two suited matches or two matches (one suited and one not suited). The payout for this is 15 to 1 and 8 to 1 respectfully.

– Buster Blackjack Side Bet

This is my favorite side bet I usually play this when visiting a casino. The Buster Blackjack is where you want the dealer to bust and determined by the amount of cards it takes the dealer to bust, the payouts vary. The house edge on this special bet is over 6%, but when the dealer’s shoe is cold, this is one of those games that you should at least try, no matter what. The only way you will lose, is if the dealer doesn’t bust! Here are some of the payouts you may receive while playing this proposition bet in Blackjack. If the dealer takes 8 or more cards, it’s automatically a 250 to 1 payout. If the dealer busts by hitting 5 times, you will receive a 4 to 1 payout. The most common bust taking 2 cards still pays out 2 to 1.

These are just a few forms of different side bets and types of Blackjack games that you can play, and no matter what form of Blackjack you decide to play, it’s important to realize that not every game is created equal.

Another tip is don’t follow a normal Blackjack strategy card for different games as they would clearly be different than the classic game.

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