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Things to consider when betting on a sporting event

Bovada Casino

Things to consider when betting on a sporting event

There are a number of things worth considering, when it comes to wagering on major sporting events at your favourite online sportsbooks. Some of these things are hugely important, and may set you up for making a smart, educated bet. Others may just be a means to conserve your finances. Either way, if you are thinking of betting on a sporting event, this quick list of things to consider makes for required reading.

Scout around for the best odds

Most people are members of at least two online sportsbooks. Why? Because there is no such thing as a sportsbook which offers the best odds on all games, all of the time. If you think that a particular bet is good value for money, and the odds are favourable, just hang on a second. Before making any sporting bet, have a mooch around other sportsbooks and see what they have the game pegged as. There may just be an even better deal out there for you.

Don’t try to cover all of your bases

It is important that players do not try to cover too many bases. This baseball term means that you shouldn’t stretch yourself by covering all possibilities, simply because you won’t win. For instance, if Barcelona are playing Real Madrid in the football: don’t bet on both teams to win, and a draw. There can only be one outcome, so two of your three bets are certainly going to lose. The only time it is okay to back multiple winners is horse racing, when you get back each way.

Live betting helps

If possible, try to place your bets in a live betting sportsbook. Live bets have fluctuating odds based on the action in the game. If things start to go against you, many live betting sportsbooks will allow players to withdraw their winnings early (sometimes at a reduced rate). This can save your win. You can also follow all the action from the bookie (occasionally with live streaming) when betting live.

Bonuses and promos

There are two types of bonuses and promotions at sportsbooks. Firstly, there are the cash bonuses (such as welcome bonuses). These should only be claimed if you wager frequently enough. If you don’t, you’re going to be lumbered with wagering requirements, so don’t take them. The second kind are promos. These are offered specifically for major sporting events, and can be taken advantage of. Special deals such as “money back on draws” can’t do you any harm.


Accumulators can be helpful, and unhelpful. You aren’t going to know which if you don’t know your stuff. They basically allow you to win more by combining your betting tickets into one bet. All of your winnings are then accumulated. Most major bookies offer this, and it has become a really big thing. However, accumulators are double-edged swords. If matches are “easier” to predict, you have a reasonable chance of success with accumulators. If the results are going haywire of late (such as the 2015/2016 Barclays Premier League), then accumulators can be a nightmare as teams which shouldn’t normally win ruin your run.

Form and stats

The very best sportsbooks will also be able to ensure that you have access to a top stats centre. These centres contain facts and figures about upcoming and ongoing sporting events, and they are designed to provide you with a bit of knowledge about the bets you are placing. The hope is that if you study the stats, you will be in a better position to make said bet. Remember a team or athlete having good form isn’t necessarily going to result in you winning your bet.

Betting against your team/athlete

Lastly, there is a preservation method to betting, and it is kind of taboo – betting against your team or athlete. If you happen to be a fan or an athlete or team, then why not bet against them. If your team or favourite player wins, you’ve lost your bet, but your team or player has won. If they lose, you’ll still walk away with a good sum of cash from your bet. Draws tend to throw a spanner in the works, but you can’t have everything. This rather method ensures that you are going to be somewhat happy either way. It isn’t very moral to bet against your team or star, but whatever helps.
There are many other nuggets of advice a player could read up on, too, but remember if anybody promises you a sure way to win with sports bets, they are wrong. All that matters in the end is that you are comfortable and happy with your bet.

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