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The Most Famous Celebrity Gamblers

The Most Famous Celebrity Gamblers

They may make millions of dollars but many celebrities have also taken to gambling. Some have had better luck with it than others have.

Craps and poker are the games of choice for Michael Jordan, who has reportedly lost millions playing these games. There are rumors that when he took a break from the NBA it was because he was forced to due to Jordan betting on basketball and other sports games.

Michael Jordan is not the only one that has been trouble for gambling on NBA games. Phil Ivey, a well-known professional poker player bet and lost an undisclosed amount of money in the millions on NBA Finals games. He is also known for losing millions of dollars at a time when playing Craps.

In the past, Gladys Knight admitted that she enjoyed playing Baccarat; so much so that she has lost at least $40,000 doing so. The singer has stated she has stopped playing Baccarat as a result, and no longer gambles at all.

Jennifer Tilly is so well known for her gambling that when she voiced a character on a primetime cartoon on network television the character she voiced had a gambling problem. In recent years Tilly has spent much of her free time playing and winning games of poker. The actress even won a bracelet in the World Series of Poker.

Professional golf player Phil Mickelson is rumored to have played in a golf tournament specifically because the organizers of the tournament agreed to help him pay off some of the debts he has incurred from gambling.

Former Presidential hopeful John McCain has reportedly gone to great lengths to keep the media from getting wind of his gambling habits. Friends of his have stated that McCain binges on Craps anywhere from 12 straight hours to 24 straight hours.

Allen Iverson’s gambling habit has allegedly caused him to be banned from the majority of the casinos in Detroit and the surrounding areas. This is supposedly because Iverson owes millions of dollars in total to several casinos.

Tiger Woods has reportedly spent much of his fortune on games of Blackjack. He has a reputation for going to casinos and dropping $25,000 on each hand for an entire night of gambling.

Charles Barkley has also has bad luck playing Blackjack as well as Craps. The professional athlete has freely admitted that he suffers huge losses on these games. According to Barkley he has lost more than $10 million at casinos.

Ben Affleck is known to be a heavy gambler. Though he has won many games of Poker in various casinos he was once spotted in Las Vegas betting $60,000 on each hand of Blackjack he played. At the end of the night he had won $800,000 and given $150,000 in tips to his game dealers.

Each of these celebrities has enjoyed their time gambling and has made headlines doing so. Like any other gambler, they have celebrated large wins and suffered even larger losses.

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