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The Martingale Betting System

The Martingale Betting System

Walk into any casino in the world or talk to any number of gamblers and eventually you will hear talk of one particular betting system. It is the comfortably the most famous betting system in the whole world, loved and loathed with equal proportion throughout the gambling community. But what exactly is the infamous strategy? Martingale.

You may very well have heard about it already but aren’t sure what it is, or maybe you have even used it in the past and just want to learn a bit more about it, or even if you haven’t ever heard of it before now, this article will briefly lay out what martingale is all about.

Quite simply, what that martingale betting system says is that you need to place a unit sized bet and increase your bet size every single time you lose until you finally win, at which point you move your bet size back to the unit size. This is a strategy that is known as a negative progression strategy, which is one whereby the trigger to increase bet sizing it based on losing and not winning.

The way in which negative progressions differ is in the way that the size of the bets changes following each loss. Some increase it in accordance with a set pattern while others do it differently. The way the martingale system varies the bet size is to simply double it every time the player loses a bet. So if you start out with a bet of $10 and lose, the next bet will be $20, then $40 and so on, until you win. At which point you go back to betting $10.

The reason that it is loved so much by many is the pattern is very easy to memorise, doubling your bet each time is not hard to remember at all. Another added bonus is that when you do eventually win a hand after constantly doubling the bet, you will be in profit by a single betting unit. So if in the previous example you won the $40 bet, you would be $10 in profit relative to when you started.

The problem that many see with this strategy is that it does not take a string of many losses to lose everything due to the exponential growth of the bets you are placing. It is well within the realms of possibility that you lose you first 5 bets and suddenly you are in a big hole. Be careful when you use this strategy, but that aside, it is certainly a great strategy to be used at the tables.

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