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The Fibonacci Blackjack Strategy

The Fibonacci Blackjack Strategy

Many mathematicians are familiar with the Fibonacci sequence and it’s so prevalent in the natural world that it comes as no surprise that a blackjack strategy has been built around this famous sequence.

For those of you that are a bit unsure about what the Fibonacci sequence is let’s take a quick look. The next number in the sequence is always the sum of the previous two numbers. The sequence starts on 1, the next number is the sum of the previous two; the sum of 1 and nothing is 1. The next number is the sum of 1 and 1, so its 2. Next number is 3 etc and the sequence continues:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 etc.

Many of you can probably already see how this famous sequence can be used in the form of a blackjack strategy; the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are used as the increments to the player’s bets.

This strategy is what is known as a positive progression betting strategy. What this means is that the player only increases their bet according to the sequence after they have won a bet and the sequence resets when the player loses a bet.

The player will start off by betting a single unit of say $5, corresponding to the first 1 of the sequence. If that hand wins they bet $5 on the next hand; the next 1 in the sequence. When that wins they bet $10, then $15, then $25. Anytime a bet loses then the sequence goes back to the start.
After reaching the ‘5’ in the sequence; the $25 bet in this example the player would stop the sequence and start again. In this example after 5 winning hands the player would be up $60.

This is a great strategy as for one it is a positive progression strategy which has been proven to be the better approach to blackjack and it also doesn’t come with the risk associated with doubling your bet after every win. It instead gives the player a slow incline, so even when they do eventually lose a bet they are not losing a huge amount and can then go back to the start of the strategy.

As far as blackjack betting strategies go, the using the Fibonacci is certainly one of the more robust in terms of mathematics and risk to the players employing the strategy. Learn the sequence and employ the strategy next time you are at the tables to see how it goes.

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