The Effects of Technology On Gambling

The Effects of Technology On Gambling

It is safe to say that technology has had a significant effect on the gambling industry throughout the years. Though it may not seem like it, technology has actually been effecting gambling since 1986. At that time betting shops/stores began installing televisions in which one could watch the horse races they were betting on. In addition, many horse races were generated by a computer, giving bettors even more gambling opportunities. Betting terminals with fixed odds, as well as the old fashioned fruit slot machines were also added to these shops.

Thanks to technology, online gambling was born in 1998 with the launching of the first online casinos as well as poker and bingo sites. Online casinos continued to grow and thrive, and by 2012 online gambling revenues had risen 80% over a four year period, making the estimated total $4 billion. In 2012 mobile gambling also took off, with revenues rising 75% for the year. The next year revenue doubled and by 2015 it was predicted to raise 84% more revenue than in 2014. Also by 2015, the entire industry as a whole was said to have a value of $41.4 billion.

Since 2011 mobile gambling revenues have doubled with every single year. This is becoming a trend all over the world and in countries such as Eastern Europe and South America mobile gambling revenues have grown as much if not more than it has in larger markets around the world. Globally, as of 2016 a third of the world’s money has been spent on mobile gambling and this is likely to increase over the next few years. Mobile gambling is becoming so popular that new slot machines are optimized for these devices even before they have been optimized for the internet.

As the mobile gambling industry continues to grow it has been predicted that by 2018 40% of all online gambling revenue will come from those playing on their mobile device. Mobile gambling isn’t limited to online casino apps, as many land based casinos are now beginning to install tablet kiosks. These are in house kiosks that allow gamblers to walk into the casino and scan their photo ID in order to begin play. Tablets are provided compliments of a casino and gamblers can use them to place their bets on an upcoming race and play games on the tablet while they wait for the race to begin. When gamblers win money on tablet games they can print out a receipt that they can take to casino staff to trade in for cash.

It is not only casinos that are using technology to change the way they entertain people. Betting shops, many of which still exist outside of the United States, are beginning to incorporate mobile gambling into their business by installing touch screen kiosks similar to the ones land based casinos are beginning to use.

Technology continues to have an impact on gambling as virtual reality is now being used to improve the industry.

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