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Tennis in Sports Betting

Tennis in Sports Betting

About Tennis

Tennis is one of the oldest sports in the world, France and England lay claim to founding the original game, and it is one of the most popular sports which you can wager your hard earned cash on at online sportsbooks. Tennis can either be played woman vs. woman, man vs. woman, as doubles, or mixed doubles. This increases the number and type of bets you can when playing the sport.

The most attractive tennis tournaments to bet on are the Grand Slams. These include the Australian Open, the French Open, and the US Open. Arguably the most prestigious of these is Wimbledon. Other major competitions include the Davis Cup, and the Olympic Games tennis matches. Regular tennis tournaments are known as the Masters 1,000 (for men), and the Premier Events (for women).

Betting on Tennis

If you are going to bet on tennis, you should probably familiarise yourself with the types of bets you can make. Match Bets are the most common. These involve betting on who will win the match, in a simple outright bet, just like you would make on most other sporting events.

Handicap Bets are also popular, and involve betting on lines and scores. Set Bets themselves are far more manageable for most players, and involve betting on the exact score of the match, or sets if you prefer. Whilst the money is good if you can correctly predict the score of sets and matches, it is quite a challenge, hence the long odds you get to play with. It may be far simpler for you to just bet on the winner of the first set.

More obscure bets can be found at some online sportsbooks, and these can even include such oddities as betting on how long a game will take to come to an end. This is incredibly tricky, due to rain and weather conditions. However, if you were to pull off a bet of this magnitude, you can expect some pretty awesome returns.

Betting tips and strategies

Most players tend to be on the major tournaments, only. These are the competitions which feature the biggest and best stars of the tennis world. As a result, you have more chance of betting correctly, since you know a little something about the competitors.

Generally speaking, there are one or two tennis players who stand out from the opposition, and these are known as serial winners. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic win frequently, whilst Andy Murray can give them a run for his money, too. The Williams sisters are also good value for money, as was Maria Sharapova (before she was recently banned for two years).

Lastly, it is worth checking out the type of surface the match is going to be played on. Is it clay, hard court, or grass? Each tennis player has his or her own specialties, so try to find out which your chosen tennis player prefers, as they will likely perform better on their own turf, so to speak.

Major Tennis sports events

Australian Open
French Open
Tennis at the Olympics
US Open

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