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Teenagers With An Online Gambling Addiction

Teenagers With An Online Gambling Addiction

Thanks to sports betting sites and to some extent, online casinos, many teenagers throughout the world have developed an online gambling addiction. Many teens have reported being in debt as much as $30,000 as a result.

A gambling treatment center in Australia has reported that the people coming to them for treatment in the past were addicted to playing poker but that now more people are coming to them to get treated for sports betting addictions. One of the reasons for this seems to be that during sports broadcasts in Australia commercials are airing for online sports betting sites and young people are flocking to those sites in droves. The way in which these sites are marketed is said to be related to the number of young people forming a gambling problem as a result. Throughout the last few years the center has reported that the average age of the people coming to them for help are 18 to 25, which is a much younger age group than they ever treated before.

A spokesperson for the Australian gambling treatment center has stated that most of their patients are male because many Australian males enjoy betting on horse races and other sporting events. A doctor that works at the treatment center reported that they had a young male patient check in that lost so much money through online gambling that he stole money from his employer, got caught and lost both his job and his wife. The young man started having suicidal thoughts and promptly checked himself into the treatment center.

The theory is that because online gambling is so heavily promoted in Australia and in the rest of the world that young people are becoming hooked on it. The fact that most online gambling sites can be accessed on a mobile device is apparently contributing to the problem of young people becoming gambling addicts.

The growing problem of gambling addictions among young people has changed the way sporting events air in Australia. It is now frowned upon for odds to be discussed on a live broadcast of a sports game.

Gambling experts blame the fact that online gambling and sports betting are made to look like an exciting, glamorous and profitable activity. They are also made to convince people that if they know a lot about sports they can make a lot of money through sports betting.

Young people all over the world are being told that if they have become addicted to gambling of any kind, to get help for it as soon as possible. Statistics show that most gamblers in their 40s, 50s and 60s began gambling in their 20s.

All over the world, online gambling addiction is increasing among young people. With the popularity of online gambling constantly growing, awareness is more important than ever before. Gamblers of all ages are urged to seek help if they are finding themselves unable to walk away from casinos and even sports betting sites.

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