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Superstitions About Gambling

Superstitions About Gambling

Gambling and superstition go hand in hand for many people. One is just as old as the other and many of the superstitions surrounding gambling are rooted in the past. Though everyone wants to have good luck in a casino, some take extra steps to ward off the bad luck that befalls so many casino players.

Hardcore gamblers are determined to win at any cost. Some believe in having a good luck charm with them when they enter a casino, while others stick to a specific routine that they believe will bring them good luck. Superstitions are often formed by gamblers, based on past events at the casino. Often in doing so they analyze every aspect of what they did and didn’t do on the occasions they won.

This results in gamblers choosing an activity, routine or even a piece of clothing that they credit with their success at the casino. On the flip side, sometimes gamblers at a land based casino will shy away from joining tames games when they believe a particular dealer is causing them to have bad luck in the game.

Other gamblers simply follow the superstitions of those who came before them. Some of them will test a superstition to see if it holds up. For example, if a gambler believes crossing their legs during a game will cause them to lose their subconscious ensures that they lose the game. This leads them to believe the superstition is true, even if them losing is just a coincidence.

Las Vegas casinos often contend with gamblers who believe entering through the front doors will cause them to have bad luck. MGM Grand Casino in particular, struggled with this superstition when their main entrance was shaped like a lion’s mouth. Gamblers believed the superstition that walking through a lion’s mouth serving as the main entrance was a double dose of bad luck.

Another superstition that casinos all over the United States must contend with is that using or receiving a $50 bill in a casino is bad luck. As a result many casinos have stopped providing their casino floor cashiers with $50 bills. In some cases, the same can be said about the rare $2 bill. It is believed that this is one of the reasons that even though the U.S. government has tried repeatedly to reintroduce $2 bills into circulation they have failed in their efforts.

Many gamblers also believe the lyrics of a Kenny Rogers song that discourages gamblers counting their money during gameplay. Some gamblers also believe that whistling and signing also bring them bad luck when gambling. It is possible that this superstition stems from the fact that people are known to whistle when they pass a graveyard to keep their spirits up in the presence of something upsetting. The theory is that whistling while gambling means one is trying to keep their spirits up because they are losing.

Studies have shown that the majority of gamblers believe in some superstitions.

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