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Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting Tips

Let’s face facts. There are no ways to guarantee a win with sports betting. Ultimately, it is down to the ladies and gentleman that grace the fields and tracks of the sporting world, as to whether or not you are going to come away with the big bucks. There are, however, a number of handy tips and hints you can take on-board to ensure that you don’t end up in trouble when betting on sports, and to ensure that you make smart, educated decisions regarding your bets? Like what, you might ask? Well, let’s take a quick look.

A safe place to play

The first you must do before you place sports bets is to find a safe place to play. There are a number of ways you can go about this. For instance, you might decide that a sportsbook which has been advertised on television, or which appears in your local high street is the right way to go. Those which appear on advertising hoardings at sporting events are also usually perfectly safe places to play. You can also check out our opinion and reviews to find a safe and secure sportsbook. When picking a place to play, find one which offers top quality customer support if you have any questions, compatibility in the form of currencies and languages, and of course, one which has a plethora of sporting bets for you to choose from.

Bonuses and promotions

Sometimes you may need a helping hand. Bonus and promotions at sportsbooks are a good way to obtain this. Be warned, though. When claiming a match deposit bonus, you will certainly be able to place larger sports bets and top up your balance, but you won’t be able to withdraw that money. You must spend it. Moreover, you must also spend it a number of times before you can withdraw. These are known as wagering requirements, and they are found in all gambling domains offering bonuses. In short, read the terms and conditions of bonuses and only claim them if you think you really need them.

Research is key

Doing your homework is key. Don’t make a random bet simply because it features long odds. Take the time to research your bet, the sides or players involved in the bet, their form, and so on. Once you have learnt about the game taking place, you will be in a far better position to call the shots. Always ask yourself this simple question: who is most likely to triumph, and why are the long odds that big? There is usually a good reason for it. This doesn’t mean that underdogs don’t triumph, just that they aren’t likely to.

Chasing losses

You should never chase your losses. This can have disastrous effects. If you have lost, just admit it. Save your pennies for the following week and try again. Never try to make up losses by ploughing more money into long odds bets, to try and make up the ground. Again, long odds bets aren’t likely to come good for a reason, and by chasing losses you may end up losing more money.

Overly complicated bets

It is also good to avoid overly complicated bets. If you are European, the chances are that you are going to be completely unfamiliar with some betting systems – particularly those used in the United States. Before wagering on those systems, read up about how they work and make sure you understand them. The same is true when it comes to betting on sports that you are not familiar with. The best advice is always to stick to what you know.

Play short odds bets with accumulators

Accumulators and multi-bets can take some getting used to. There is nothing wrong with having a crack at accumulator bets and multi-bets, but our advice is stick to the short odds when doing so. You will have a much greater chance of success, and accumulator bets are all about success. Just one incorrect bet can cost you an accumulator bet. You won’t win as much with short odds as you would with long ones, but you’ll have a better chance of a greater number of your bets coming home.

Backing all corners

There is such a thing as arbitrage bets, but these are rare. They are bets which can see you bet on both teams, and still come away with a win which is worth more than you staked. As we’ve said, these are rare and it takes a skilled sports bettor to find them. If you try and cover all bases with a bet, you may very well win more than you staked (if a long odds team is successful), but if they aren’t, you are probably just going to end up losing more than you’ve wagered.

There are, of course, other ins and outs, tips and tricks you can use in the online sports betting world, but those we’ve mentioned above should be enough to get you started. Be smart, bet wisely, and try to have some fun when doing it, and you will find that sports betting is a remarkable, exciting and entertaining experience.

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