Snooker in Sports Betting

Snooker in Sports Betting

About Snooker

The Americans may prefer pool, but over in Europe (and especially Britain) and Asia, snooker is the game for most players. It is also a sport which can be wagered on at most major online sportsbooks. Snooker is played in matches between two players. A predetermined number of frames (games) are played between two players, with the player to win a majority of those advancing to the next round, until there is only one winner left.

Snooker’s biggest events, are major tournaments between the world’s best snooker players. Just like tennis, there are not really any local leagues for professional players which you can bet on. Instead, you are wagering on major tours, which include the Shanghai Masters and the Australian Open. The crown jewel in the snooker calendar is the World Championship. It began in 1927, and has been held at The Crucible in Sheffield since 1977.

Betting on Snooker

There are only really three types of bets you can make in snooker games. The first of these is the most obvious, since it is the Outright Bet. That means you can be on the winner of a tournament. With these bets, you can also sometimes bet on a player to finish second, in an Each-Way Bet.

Players can also bet on individual matches, via Match Bets. It really is as simple as selecting a player to triumph over his opponent. As you may expect, players with a better chance of winning have short odds, whilst the underdogs will have long odds.

Finally, you can also bet on how many frames a snooker player will win in a match via a Frame Bet. These will vary depending on which stage of competition. The further into the competition a player gets, the more frames he will be required to win to progress to the next stage.

Betting tips and strategies

Keep in mind the stage of the competition. As we’ve said, if you are going to make a Frame Bet, you need to know how many frames are required to win. Just because a player is required to have a given number of frames doesn’t mean that they will acquire that number, though. Learn how many frames are required before you bet.

Not all snooker players compete in every tournament, and there are such things as wild cards which can see rookies promoted into the big competitions. Understandably, if you are going to place bets on a rookie, and a relatively unknown snooker player, you may wish to dig up a bit of information on them before you place your bet, especially if they have long odds of success.

Major Snooker sports events

Alex Higgins International Trophy
Antwerp Open
Australian Goldfields Open
Bahrain Championship
Bluebell Wood Open
British Open
Brugge Open
Bulgarian Open
Canadian Masters
Championship League
Champion of Champions
China Open
Dongguan Open
Dubai Classic
FFB Open
General Cup
German Masters
Gibraltar Open
Gdynia Open
Indian Open
International Championship
Irish Masters
Kay Suzanne Memorial Cup
Malta Cup
Malta Grand Prix
Masters Qualifying Event
Northen Ireland Trophy
Paul Hunter Classic
Pink Ribbon
Players Championship Grand Final
Players Tour Championship
Prague Classic
Rotterdam Open
Ruhr Championship
Ruhr Open
Russelsheim Cup
Scottish Open
Shanghai Masters
Six-red World Championship
Snooker Shoot-Out
Strachan Open
Thailand Masters
UK Championship
Vienna Snooker Open
Warsaw Classic
Welsh Open
World Grand Prix
World Open
World Seniors Championship
World Snooker Championship
Wuxi Classic
Yixing Open
Zhangjiagang Open
Zhengzhou Open

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