$7,777 Bonus
Uptown Aces

$8,888 Bonus
Desert Nights

$2,550 Bonus
Slots Capital

$2,777 Bonus
Black Diamond

200% Bonus
Box 24

200% Bonus
Spartan Slots

200% Bonus
Miami Club

$800 Bonus



There are literally thousands of different online slot games and even more land based slots available to play.

Not only are the themes of each slot game different, but you will also find slot games with many different playing structures. Some boast easy to play formats and some come with multiple payline options and offer many different types of additional bonus games.

You will find slot games with progressive jackpot attached and some which offer much smaller but more regularly won jackpots. Some slot game offer a high variance type of playing structure and some offer low variance playing structures.

You really will have lots of choice should you be wanting to play slot machines. So to help you find a game which may appeal to you, we have listed several slot game categories and an overview of how those types of slots operate.

Slot Game Categories

Classic Slots – A Classic slot game is the most basic type of slot machine you can play. You will find they come with just one payline, no bonus games and often you can only play a few coins on that single payline. You will find on multiple coin versions, an enhanced jackpot is offered when you play maximum bet spins.

Three Reel Slots – The three reel slots are similar to the Classic slot games, however there are a few subtle differences. These types of games often let you play more than one payline. Plus on a select number of three reel slots, you will be able to trigger a bonus game, however the bonus game will be very basic in nature.

Video Slots – Video slots offer many more paylines and the most commonly found video slot machines will come with 5 reels. The earlier video slots did not offer any kind of bonus game but they did come with Wild and Scatter symbols, and some of them awarded payouts for getting winning combinations forming from left to right and right to left on the screen.

Bonus Video Slots – Bonus Video slots are the more played type of slot games these days. Not only do they offer lots of optional or fixed paylines, some of which can be in the thousands of paylines, but you can trigger bonus games as you play them. Bonus games can be anything from pick and match type games to free spins bonus rounds.

Progressive Slots – You will find Progressive slot games are offered in many different playing formats and machine types. Some Classic slots will now offer a progressive jackpot and video slots also offer them. Many of the latest Progressive slot games come with more than one progressive jackpot in play and the jackpot payouts on offer on some of them can be truly life changing.

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