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Secrets to a successful Las Vegas vacation

Secrets to a successful Las Vegas vacation

For most gamblers a vacation in Las Vegas is a dream comes true. There are certain secrets to having a successful Las Vegas vacation and knowing these secrets before you go will only enhance your Sin City experience.

The first secret to success in Las Vegas is to avoid gambling with locals. You should walk away from any Poker game where the dealer knows every player’s name as soon as they sit down. When this happens it means all the players at the table are locals and they know how to beat new players. If you have not started a game yet you can have the casino floor supervisor move you to a different game table. If you have been playing and then find out the dealer knows all the players at the table but you, it is best to collect your winnings and leave the table immediately. The best chance that you have for success at any table game is to only play against others who are visiting Las Vegas temporarily.

While you want a few alcoholic drinks while you are in town you probably don’t want to go broke buying them. Rather than sitting at a bar on the casino floor and ordering a drink, sit down to play a slot machine or join a table game and then ask the cocktail waitress for a drink. Gamblers receive free drinks as long as they are actively playing and you can usually get away with giving your waitress a small tip.

If you are new to gambling and are unsure how to play any of the table games start with Craps. Until you learn the game, stick to the easiest bet you can place, which is a pass line. The best place to start out with a game of Craps is O’Sheas Casino. Their Craps tables are low-stake tables that will give you a chance to learn the game without blowing all your money.

You’ll quickly notice that the high rollers get all the perks in Las Vegas. Even if you aren’t a high roller you can make yourself look like one to whichever casino you are gambling in. The best way to do this is to commit to taking a $5,000 marker. A marker in that large of an amount will attract the attention of any casino host.

The biggest secret to a successful Las Vegas vacation is to confine your gambling to casinos that are not located on the main strip. Locals rarely go to these casinos because other casinos offer better odds. Fremont Street, in Downtown Las Vegas, is the place to be to rub elbows with the locals. The older casinos of Fremont Street have some of the cheapest table games you will find anywhere in Las Vegas.

Executing a successful Las Vegas vacation is easy to do with some research and planning. Blending in with locals without gambling against them is your best bet for financial success.

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