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Secrets Casinos Don’t Want Revealed

Secrets Casinos Don’t Want Revealed

There are certain secrets that casinos don’t want to reveal to the public for fear that those secrets will keep them away. Casinos cannot exist without gamblers who are willing to spend money.

One secret that casinos don’t want gamblers to know is that the casino will always win more often than any gambler that walks through their doors will. Every year, the amounts of money gamblers lose in casinos increase, and they count on this to keep themselves in business. This is the reason that the majority of casinos use eight decks of cards in a standard game of Blackjack; gamblers are less likely to be able to track which cards have been used in a game and which have not.

While casinos advertise comp cards as a way for gamblers to win more, they are designed to work in the casino’s favor. This is the reason that gamblers have to accumulate so many comp points before being able to redeem them. For example, it is not unusual for a casino to give gamblers a free t-shirt for getting their comp cards because gamblers will generally spend much more than the value of the shirt they were given.

No casino will advertise it, but any ATM found on a casino floor is sure to charge users an exorbitantly high fee. While ATM charges outside of casinos are generally anywhere from $1.75 to $5.00, the ones in casinos are closer to $8. The casinos count on players paying the ATM fees just to get their cash quickly and without having to go anywhere else.

When one walks into a casino they will immediately see flashing lights and hear the sound effects coming from slot machines. This energetic feel is what people expect in a casino. To counteract that, many casinos now pump calming scents onto the game floor to make gamblers feel more relaxed so they will stay longer. Some casinos will even release scents into the air that fit in with their theme, such as when the Mirage Hotel & Casino pumped the scent of coconut into the air to match the theme of a tropical resort.

Many gamblers frown on playing slot machines because they believe their odds of winning table games are much better. To lure in the less skeptical gamblers, casinos will heavily advertise that their slots have a high payout percentage rate. These percentage rates are misleading to gamblers because different slot machines pay different percentage rates to gamblers. Casinos are now more careful about how they advertise their payout percentages because if the state catches them in the act they will be punished for their actions.

Though it is a widely held belief that card counting is illegal in casinos, this is not true. However, if a casino gets wind that a gambler is doing so they will often ask the gambler to withdraw from the game they are playing.

These secrets are not acknowledged by virtually any casino.

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