Roulette, its History and How to Play The Game

Roulette, its History and How to Play The Game

Turn a Roman chariot on its side and spin the exposed wheel after betting on which spoke would come up facing you. Soldiers in the Roman legions played this gambling game. A person could state that this was an early version of roulette if you use a little imagination. The game as we know it was played in France as early as 1796. The European version with one zero on the betting layout was not put in play until 1842. The American version with two zeros was first seen in the 1800s and also only had 28 numbers and an added bet of the American eagle. The popularity of roulette was rapidly spread throughout Europe and was referred to as the King of Casino games as only royalty played during these early years.

The legend associated with roulette deals with a man named François Blanc who supposedly made a deal with the devil to learn the secrets of roulette. The offered proof of this is the numbers of one to 36 add up to a total of 666.

Another historical note is the origins of the game it came from an almagnum of the English games of Roly-Poly. Ace of Hearts, E&O and the Italian games of Hoca and Biribi. The name roulette was taken from an existing French game by that name.

Roulette has a legendary mystic about it and it has been featured in novels and movies for many years. One of the famous scenes out of the movie Casablanca has the roulette game prominently displayed. Most movies about casinos almost always show a roulette wheel in a scene or two. There is an elegance to the game and the payers seem to be shown wearing fine clothes to further the ambience of the game. The game is simple or complex to play depending on whether the player is willing to learn a little about the bets that can be made. A great deal of thought and energy has been put into trying to fine a sure way to win at the game. So far none has been found that will guarantee a winning session. This includes mathematicians who have used computer simulations to try to gain an edge on the game.

Roulette Play

There are way to many combinations of bets that can be wagered to cover them all Single bets like red or black, even or odd, or first 18 or second 18 are even money bets and are very simple to figure the chances of winning. More complicated bets like four corners or a row are bets that take a little more understanding of the game. A player would be well advised to study the bets that can be made and what the payoffs are. An understanding of this part of the game is necessary to make combination bets that make sense from an odds standpoint.

Add to this group of bets the wagers that can be made on single numbers with a payoff of 35 to one, and you have a three dimensional wagering world. When wagering bets have magic numbers that can win more than one wager, the betting scenarios can become very interrelated and skew the odds of winning against the total bet. If you throw in scatter betting of 6 to 12 individual numbers this can again make the possibilities stronger or weaker depending what the other bets are and the amount bet on each individual wager. Players have spent hours and multiple plays on free play games to come up with a system of betting that looks like it shows some promise of keeping the losses under control and has some chance of winning.

Another way of attacking the roulette wheel is to play even money wagers and play a small progressive wagering set. Something like betting on red four times in a row after it has missed four times in a row and increasing each bet by at least the original unit of bet. This is a very conservative way to bet over time and will keep losses within reason and has some chance of winning at the end of the session, Plunge betting can be very dangerous or very exhilarating. A plunge that works looks like the play of a genius and when it does not work, the play of an idiot. Strong doubling plus one is a tough way to go if it misses for several plays in a row and will be guaranteed to make the better sweat at some point when the next bet is approaching the table limit. Just remember that red does not have to come up every other hand and can disappear from view for several spins of the wheel. As was stated earlier, no player so far has found a system of betting that is fool proof.


Roulette has enjoyed a long run of popularity in the world of casino gaming. The love for this game is now approaching over 200 years and there are many reasons for this passion. Without a doubt it is one of the most elegant games offered in casinos. There is a strong romance that comes with playing at a fine roulette layout. People who play roulette in many casinos are finely dressed and look the part of what is seen in movies and imagined when reading famous novels that used roulette as one of its main characters, or so it seemed. The betting schemes that can be used are interesting and in some cases take a great deal of thought to keep track of, much less play with a degree of skill.

The study of the game has been fascinating humans for decades and has now even caught up computer geniuses and mathematicians. The time spent in this endeavor has to rival the time spent to invent and build the atom bomb. That is amazing when a person considers this is a gambling game and not a weapon of war.

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