Predicting Baccarat Ties

Predicting Baccarat Ties

Eight to one is a sweet payoff in any gambling situation. In the game of baccarat the tie bet when hit pays off at a rate of eight to one. Is there any way to predict when tie hand may show up and just not play it on every hand? Here is a method of play that may work for you and has been used for years with more profit than loss due to the progression in bets, which is part of the play.

The first part of the tie strategy is no tie bets will be played until after the first tie shows in the game. This restriction alone can save a considerable amount of money. A baccarat shoe can be loaded with tie outcomes and it can be dealt from start to finish with none showing at all. The hope is that the shoe you are playing will give up tie hands. This is the rational for waiting for the fist tie to show. The first tie hand is also the marker to count from until the next one shows up. Every third hand after the tie shows up is a potential play for the tie. A player keeps track in baccarat of the hand outcomes and will not only readily see if the bank or the players side is coming more, but it is easy to count the hands from the tie. The scorecard is a major part of this strategy. The tie may come on any third hand so the player starts a small progressive bet on each third hand. The series of bets may go out to the 27th hand or more before it shows up. If the tie comes on any hand that is not part of the third hand count, you restart the count from that hand. This method of play can payoff big time when the ties are falling right and the losses are kept in check, as the bets should be modest from the start.

The other caveat is tie hands can be followed immediately by another tie hand. The choice is to make the play each tie or just live with it and restart the count of hands. In any event this method has been used for years by players with some success and is better than no strategy at all. Hunches are playable and so it this. Both plays win and both lose. The secret to good play in a gambling game is to make your play when you have an edge and not just willy-nilly.

You might ask why the third hand? The answer is it seems to work.

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