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Politics in Sports Betting

Politics in Sports Betting

About Politics

Politics is a very touchy subject for many people. After all, we all have very different opinions about what should and shouldn’t happen in government. Politics are one of the most popular arenas you can wager in, when popping along to a bookie or online sportsbooks. It is strange to say the least, since they have nothing to do with sport at all.

Political bets aren’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea. You see, lots of people think they know all there is to know about politics, but most are sorely mistaken. That makes for a great sense of excitement. The types of political events you can wager on include Presidential elections, General Elections, referendums, by-elections, and much more.

Betting on Politics

Betting on politics is a pretty simple affair. Almost all bets which appear in political betting are Outright Bets, which are also known as Straight Bets. Political bets can see you wager on whom will be the next president or prime minister of a country, or how a number of people will vote in a referendum. They may also dictate the form of government which ends up in office. Either way, you are almost always bagging a man, woman or party to win.

Whilst in presidential or prime ministerial bets, you may have several candidates to choose from when you place your bet. In the case of referendums, though, there are usually only two ways to go – a yes, or a no.

With political bets being so simple, it is absolutely no surprise that so many people fancy a punt on politics at their local bookies and online sportsbooks. With very few types of bets often to you, you shouldn’t get too muddled, even if you happen to be a newbie to sports betting.

Betting tips and strategies

Politics can be heated, and they can really upset you. Imagine if you bet on one political party to take power, and another does. You’ll be mad, and not just because you’ve lost your bet, and therefore your money. One of the best betting tips involves betting against what you want. If you want Labour to win the General Election for instance, bet on the Conservatives. Sure, you’ll be mad if the Conservatives win, but at least you’ll have made some many out of it. Whilst it is true that this tip doesn’t help you boost your chances of winning, it does limit the blow of losing out if politics mean a lot to you.

A way you can try and gauge how successful a bet is going to be is to follow the polls. These don’t give you the final result, but they can tell you have the public is currently likely to vote. Of course, polls are not 100% reliable, and the past they have been wildly wrong. That doesn’t change the fact that they are a tool which you may use to your advantage (or disadvantage, depending on which way you view polls) when betting on politics.

Major Political events

Political Elections
Political Bills, Laws & Referendums

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