Poker Betting Tips

Poker Betting Tips

Poker betting tips fall in two categories. What do you do before the flop in Hold’em or Omaha HiLow and what to do after the flop?

In Hold’em before the flop, you would raise the pot if you had a high pair. If no one raised and you were last to act with a small pair, you could consider raising.

Before the flop in Omaha HiLow, the hand should be played without a raise, if all you have is an ace deuce. Ace deuce with two high suited cards to the ace should be raised, as you have many possibilities with this hand. The problem in Omaha is there may not be a low or you could get counterfeited. Raising in Omaha is tricky, as your hand may not make it. A high pair in Omaha is dangerous to raise on, as they can easily be beat. So, in Omaha caution is the rule.

After the flop, many hands are worth raising on, and you now know 5 of the 7 cards to be dealt. Raising does two things for this round of play. It protects your hand and if called makes for a bigger pot. When you have an edge in a pot, you should consider raising as it could win the pot right now. If you are called, the pot will be bigger and if your hand holds up, you will win a bigger pot.

If you are running lucky and the cards are falling your way consistently, consider raising as much as you can until the rush is over. Playing a rush correctly can make a significant amount of money in a short period of time. Bet a lot when you are hot.

If your luck is running badly, consider sitting out a few hands or even quitting. Bad luck does not have to change. It can stay that way for an entire session.

In Hold’em, when dealt two aces, it is very dangerous to slow play them against several callers. They are a great starting hand, but they can be beaten. Make the other players pay to see the next card. Do not let them in cheap. This basic rule gets more players in trouble than any other. Do not insult aces.

Run a bluff early in the game and if caught, do not bluff again for a while. You have set the stage; now let the other players wonder if you are bluffing again.

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