Olympic Games in Sports Betting

Olympic Games in Sports Betting

About the Olympic Games

Even though they were reintroduced in the very late nineteenth century, it is a fair bet to say that the original Olympic Games in Athens probably also involved bets. Today, the Olympic Games involve so many different competitions that it simply isn’t feasible to have a pop on everything that occurs there. Instead, players are going to have to choose those sporting events which appeal to them, or that they know something about.

Where do you start? This summer’s Olympic Games (for example) features a total of 28 sports, and 41 discipline events. Even if we remove most of the discipline events from the list, and even those sports which aren’t typical sports bets, we are still left with a list of sports at the Olympics for you to bet on which includes Aquatics (swimming, water polo), Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Handball, Judo, Pentathlon, Rowing, Rugby Sevens, Table Tennis, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, and Wrestling. Throw in the rest and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Betting on the Olympic Games

There is no way to categorise bets on the Olympic Games. No easy way, in any case. Typically, bets are based on the individual events, and you will be able to choose who will win each event in an Outright Bet. You may also be able to bet on who will finish in the bronze, silver, and gold spots in each event, in a similar manner to the way you bet on a horse to finish in the top three with a Placed Bet.

You can also bet on the countries themselves at the Olympic Games. You could bet that a country will receive a medal in a specific event, or you can bet that a country may receive so many gold, silver, or bronze medals. The number of betting possibilities is endless.

The only way you’re going to get a good idea of just which types of bets are open to you in your chosen sport, is to pop along to your favourite bookie or online sportsbooks and have a look at what your options are. Keep in mind that other bookies may offer alternative bets.

Betting tips and strategies

Unfortunately, betting on the Olympic Games is one of the most challenging things any sports fan can do when it comes to betting on sports. There are simply no strategies you can use to better your chances of a win. Top athletes may choke under the pressure, and underdogs may thrive in it. You really can’t predict what will happen.

By doing your homework (keeping tabs on the events in the run-up to the Olympic Games), you can at least familiarise yourself with the athletes themselves. This will enable you to have a good idea about some of them. You have to remember, though, that the Olympic Games are held once every four years, so the chances are that the favourite last time out is colder than they were. A rookie last time may be the favourite this year, and so on and so forth. It won’t be easy to do with so many bets available and athletes competing, but try and do your homework and you should be okay to make safe and smart bets.

Major Olympic Games events

Beach volleyball
Canoe / Kayak
Field Hockey
Modern Pentathlon
Rugby 7s
Synchronized Swimming
Table Tennis
Track and Field
Water Polo

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