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Macau is now undeniably one of the biggest gambling cities in the world. In fact, it is the biggest gambling city in the world, and it’s not even a close contest. The “Monte Carlo of the Orient” is quite simply a powerhouse in the gambling world. This has been made possible by many factors, including the culture of gambling within China as well as the growth of the Chinese Economy in recent years.

Gambling is a way of life in Macau and as a result, gambling makes up over 50% of the economy within Macau. This is largely made up by the huge influx of visitors to the province. These tourists come from mainland China and Hong Kong as well as from other South East Asian countries as well as from further afield. This has led to the massive growth that has been seen in Macau in the past decades.

In 2007, Macau officially passed Las Vegas to take a perch atop of the mantle of highest revenues in the gaming industry. Las Vegas is synonymous with gaming and is known as a huge tourist destination for many people from all over the world. For Macau to overtake Las Vegas in terms of gambling and general gaming revenue shows the strength behind Macau during its meteoric rise to the top.

If simply over taking Las Vegas in terms of revenue is an impressive feat, it is absolutely mind blowing to compare their revenues year on year. Las Vegas will now struggle to make a figure matching 10-15% of the total revenue made in Macau in the same year. This is less than a decade after Macau first posted higher revenue than Las Vegas and is now monstrously dwarfing the revenues of its competitor. This goes to show how astronomically fast the gambling industry in Macau is growing.

Gambling has been a part of Chinese culture for many years; records even show that there where gambling games that resemble modern day Keno, was played in China 3000 years ago. This strong tradition for gambling games has been carried forward into the modern age and gambling is still one of the favoured pass times for the Chinese people.

Macau will continue to go from strength to strength and grow its gambling revenues and continue to offer fantastic gambling opportunities to all those that will come to taste its delights. How far will Macau be able to grow?

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