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Las Vegas Gets A Face Lift

Las Vegas Gets A Face Lift

In response to so many younger people frequenting Las Vegas, the casinos are considering using arcade type games to lure in the desired demographic. Since these games are based on skill and not luck, Las Vegas casinos are counting on that selling point to lure in new gamblers.

Many of the people who are discovering gambling today grew up playing video games and casinos want them to continue to do so. If this idea finds success in Las Vegas it is likely that casinos in Atlantic City and other cities will introduce video games as well.

Casinos throughout Nevada have been seeing a slump in business and are hoping adopting casino games that resemble video games will pull them out of the slump. While these games are still in development, the plan is to have them work just like any modern video game does, but with one twist; players will be able to place bets on the game. Video game and slot machine creators will supposedly be working together to make this possible.

The new vision for gaming areas in casinos involves not only video games, but also a nightclub vibe, helped by the presence of a bar and a DJ.

The Downtown Grand, a hotel and casino on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, is preparing to incorporate video games into their gambling options. There are plans to add two types of skill based games to their casino floor; arcade and slot machine games. The casino is also considering the idea of designating a space where competitive video gaming can take place. This does not mean that traditional games are being pushed aside, as Downtown Grand also has plans to start a slot machine tournament with a top prize of $250,000.

One of the companies developing games that combine traditional slots with video games has come up with a typical looking slot machine that has video game controllers connected to it. The first two games that have been created are a racing game and a first person shooting game. Money is awarded based on who wins the race or who shoots the most targets.

A new game called “Smoothie Blast” has just been created to serve as a casino friendly version of Candy Crush Saga. Another game created is known as “Grab Poker” and involves players having to pick up cards found on an electronic tabletop. “CasinoKat” is another new game that is said to be a hybrid of a slot machine game and Pac Man.

Though there are big plans for these games they are not expected to take the place of traditional slot machine games in land based casinos all over the world. The goal of most casino owners is to keep attracting the gamblers they always have, but focus on attracting a new generation of gamblers as well.

Only time will tell whether or not these new games will bring the desired demographic into casinos in Las Vegas and other cities.

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