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Introduction To Texas Hold’em – Poker Beginners Guide

Introduction To Texas Hold’em – Poker Beginners Guide

Having gained in popularity over the past decade is this new poker game called Texas hold’em. For many years, Five-card stud was the game of choice for many poker players. The game of poker progressed and developed into seven-card stud, with new poker rules and more betting rounds. Even though you got seven cards, you still needed to make your best five-card hand. The game was probably extended to seven cards to induce more action and certainly to make the size of the pots bigger by adding more streets to bet on.

Well, if “where’s the action” is the question then certainly Texas Hold’em Poker is the answer. The variation came about using the same seven cards as in seven-card stud, but community cards were added. So if you know the game of poker, learning the Texas Hold’em poker variant is easy. It has easy Texas Hold’em Poker Rules and is played almost everywhere. Especially now with so much poker being televised on cable TV and other channels. As a matter of fact, most of the poker tournaments you’ll see on TV is the variation called Texas Hold’em.

It’s played in many different varieties such as Limit Texas Hold’em, No Limit Texas Hold’em, and Pot Limit Texas Hold’em.

Regardless of which betting limit is played, you still can only use five out of the seven cards that are available to you in Texas Hold’em Poker, you still have to make you best five card poker hand. With that being said it sometimes happens after all five cards are put out, that the five community cards comprise the best poker hand available. In that case, all active players in the hand are “playing the board” and all remaining players would split the pot.

Texas Hold’em Poker has become the most popular poker game on the Internet and all variations are played. Playing Texas Hold’em online actually offers more variations because of the lack of the need for dealers or poker tables. So you will often find Online Texas Hold’em played in 6 max player versions (commonly referred to as 6-max games) and speed versions available in the form of Zoom Poker on PokerStars and so forth.

At online poker rooms is where players go to find Texas Holdem for play money as well as real money. Honing your poker skills is easy with the play version although it’s never going to be exactly like real money games. When playing free online poker games, you can learn the basics, including how to bet, as well as bluffing, raising and check raising.

Once you feel comfortable you can easily open up a real money account with the many options offered and you’re on your way to an exciting time playing Texas Hold’em on the internet. The fun part of Texas hold’em comes in trying to decipher what your opponent has, based on the community cards that are on the table. I assure you that’s what your opponent is doing as he looks at his Texas Hold’em hand.

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