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India Determines If Rummy Is A Gambling Or Skills Game

India Determines If Rummy Is A Gambling Or Skills Game

There has always been a debate as to whether or not the game of Rummy is skill based or can be considered a gambling game. Some believe the former and some believe the latter. The Supreme Court of India is tackling this subject head on.

An appeal was filed in New Delhi to determine once and for all, if a game of Rummy can be considered a gambling game. The outcome of this appeal could have a major effect on online casinos being able to offer Rummy. A Madras High Court already has declared that Rummy is a gambling game as opposed to a skills game. On the heels of the court’s decision, the Mahalakshmi Cultural Association, which is a city club based in Chennai, appealed the ruling that Rummy is considered a gambling game and not a game of skill. Their declaration specifies that while Rummy is a game of skill if it is played for fun but can be considered gambling if it is played with real money. In 2012 they challenged the ruling handed down in the Madras High Court. Previously, in 2011, a judge had declared that Rummy is not a gambling game, because it is a game based on skill.

When this case was argued in front of India’s Supreme Court, a senior counsel member testified in court in defense of online casinos and other gambling sites that offer Rummy. The man stated that there was no government framework that was put into place to regulate online gambling rules. An advocate of the online gambling industry talked about the distinction between a game of gambling and a game of chance. He pointed out that a skills’ based game is always a skills based game regardless of whether or not a player bets money on it but a choice based game is a gambling game only when real money is bet on it.

A junior court in New Delhi has already officially decided that Rummy is a non- gambling game. There are many online Rummy companies that will be affected by the Supreme Court’s ruling. Justices in a New Delhi courtroom have stated that online card games such as Rummy have not been targeted by a court issued order dealing with the issue of whether or not they are illegal.

Much of the discussion about Rummy has compared playing Rummy offline to playing it online. One of the issues that have been discussed in the Supreme Court of India is that Rummy as played in clubs is different than Rummy played at online casinos. High courts in both Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka determined that Rummy is a skills based game and is, therefore, not illegal. During a Supreme Court hearing on this issue, those on the bench said they were surprised that people could be sent to jail for playing Rummy in India.

There has not yet been a final verdict declaring Rummy a gambling game.

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