iGaming and iPoker in 2017

iGaming and iPoker in 2017

Despite efforts by its proponents iGaming and iPoker did not take off in 2016 like many wanted it to. However, it has been argued that when 2016 ends Pennsylvania will have joined three other states in regulating online Poker for their residents.

States such as California are still resisting the legalization of online Poker. One reason for this is that the horse racing industry has been subsidized in exchange for avoiding the iPoker market completely. Online poker giant PokerStars is expected to be able to allow players from California once the legalization has been finalized, which may take until 2018.

Michigan currently allows lottery games to be played online and the MGM Resorts Casino in the state and strongly supports iGaming regulation, making it likely that iPoker will also be regulated sooner rather than later.

In either 2017 or 2018 it is also likely that New York will allow iPoker. Online gambling is likely to help New York compete with nearby states where it is already legal, such as New Jersey. There are talks of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania coming together to run a tri-state PokerStars network.

PokerStars is also looking to expand its reach to the Indian gambling market in 2017. It has been estimated that the market for gambling in India will have a yearly value of $150 million and will even help contribute to Australia’s loss of gambling revenue. In order for PokerStars to be launched in India its operators will have to find a partner locally.

Foreign gambling operators are also trying to bring regulated iGaming to the Netherlands. The Dutch Remote Gaming Bill has been proposed to allow the Dutch Gaming Authority to make iGaming legal in the country, most likely before the end of 2017. If the bill passes online gambling operators will then be allowed to launch their own sites for iGaming and invite residents of the Netherlands to join them. These sites will have to renew their license to operate, every five years. Those operating online casinos in the Netherlands will be required to spend 20% of their gross from their revenue on taxes. Netherland’s residents will be allowed to participate in online poker once the bill is passed.

An iGaming Forum is set to take place in Stockholm, Sweden in April of 2017. Proposals will be debated during the forum and those who will be attending include representatives of Unibet, LeoVegas, BetFair and 888 Casino among others. One of the subjects that will be discussed during the forum is the effect of eSports on the iGaming industry. Advances in technology and the role those advances play in online gambling will also be discussed.

The iGaming Asia Congress will also be meeting in 2017 to discuss advances in the industry. Inteplay and Microgaming will both be taking part in the event. Events such as this one help the iGaming industry grow and lead to new and innovative ways to bring online gambling entertainment to many.

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