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How To Beat Double or Nothing

How To Beat Double or Nothing

A double or nothing sitngo pays out double the buyin to the top 5 players in a full ring and the top 3 in a six max sitngo. These sitngos end a lot faster than the average sitngo. So any player can put in a nice volume even playing one sitngo at a time. However, just because these sitngos offer 2 more cash spots than the average sitngo doesn’t make them easier to win.

Early Stage Play

When the sitngo begins avoid going all in within the first 3 hands. There are players that will go all in the first 3 hands as if its a strategy. Truly its the quickest way to get knocked out of the sitngo. During the early stage only play in position with premium starting hands. Don’t over bet during post flop play. Keep the betting to a minimum.

Mid Stage Play

By now one or two players have been knocked out, blinds are higher, and the chip leader is stealing blinds. This is where you need to open your hand range in late position. Grabbing a few easy pots here will set you up for the late stage of the sitngo.

Late Stage Play – Bubble Time

Now its down to six players, chip leaders are stealing blinds, and trying to avoid each other. However, there is always one player that don’t get the idea of knocking out the short stack. He or She is going for the win like its a normal sitngo. You have to remember that once five players are left the game is over.

During the bubble time steal blinds from the short stacks, avoid the big stacks, and when you have the chance with premium cards make one of the short stacks push all in. This is the best way to play and cash in double or nothing sitngo.

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