How Gambling Migrated To Macau

How Gambling Migrated To Macau

Though Las Vegas has long been the gambling capital of the world, Macau is quickly catching up. Gambling has changed Macau in ways no one believed it could or would. Before Macau got its first casino sometime in the 1860s it was considered a backwater in town due to financial losses incurred when France acquired the majority of the land in Macau.

Once the first Macau casino was opened the town went on to become among the richest in the world. This is in large part thanks to casino operators in Las Vegas that opened a casino in Macau. One example of a casino operator based in Las Vegas that opened a casino in Macau is Steve Wynn. When the casino was opened in 2006 it went on to earn Wynn over 2/3 of all his casino profits. As a result, Wynn has learned to speak the Chinese language and has even considered relocating Wynn corporate headquarters to Macau. He has said that his company is no longer an American company, having transitioned into a Chinese company.

Locals take a ferry to Macau, so Wynn had the sense to build two complexes close by. The complexes attract high powered Chinese gamblers who insist on having the finest of everything in life. As a result, one of Wynn’s complexes has an onsite restaurant where a house poet is waiting to write one verse of poetry for each VIP gambler that walks in. There are even leather stools next to each table in the restaurant so that female guests have a place to put their purse.

To further impress China’s elite gamblers, Wynn caters to their ideas of what bring fortune and luck; both good and bad. For example, Wynn’s Macau hotel had four private rooms in the onsite spa. However, in the Chinese culture four is an unlucky number. As a result, Wynn chose to have four more doors installed in the spa so that it would appear to have eight rooms instead.

While Steve Wynn jumped at the chance to open a casino in Macau, Caesars Entertainment Chairman Gary Loveman refused to follow in his footsteps. Lovemann later admitted that this was a mistake on his part.

Roughly one year after the Sands Macau Casino opened its owner dreamed about recreating the Las Vegas Strip in Macau. His vision was to use space between two of Macau’s islands to build it. He later oversaw the opening of the Vemetian Macau which was modeled off of Las Vegas’s Venetian Hotel & Casino.

In 2010, high rolling gamblers in Macau collectively bet roughly six hundred billion dollars in its casinos. In comparison, this equals the average collective amount that citizens of America take out of ATMs every year. In fact, ¾ of Macau’s casino revenues comes from high rollers gambling in VIP rooms all day and all night long.

Despite the fact that in mainland China gambling cannot be advertised, Macau has still found much success running its casinos.

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