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Horse Racing Tracks

Horse Racing Tracks

Listing horse racing tracks and clubs (including Jockey and Harness Racing clubs) from around the world. The listings include the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the clubs, fairgrounds, parks, racecourses and racetracks.

Horse Racing Tracks

The History of Horse Racing

As far as sporting events go, there are few older than horse racing. There is no one way to define just how old horse racing is, though we know that the Romans had horse racing (with chariots) during their days, and we also know that medieval kingdoms also had regular horse racing events. Possibly two of the most famous horse races in the world today, The Grand National (in the UK), and the Kentucky Derby (in the US) are both steeped in history. These races have enjoyed over 100 years of history each, and both are hugely popular, when it comes to betting on horses. Although there are no exact facts or figures available, it is conceivable that ever since horse racing was first began, betting on horse racing has probably accompanied it. Today, horse racing is a daily affair, with hundreds of racing taking place globally, in many different types of races. Betting on horses used to require to you to be physically present at the track, or in a betting shop. Now though, you can bet online or even on your mobile phone or tablet, whilst traveling.

How to bet on Horse Racing

Generally speaking, you would bet on horse racing just like you would on any other major sporting event. Typically, you would visit a betting office, the trackside bookie, or visit an online or mobile sportsbook. Nowadays, there are even racebooks (online sports betting sites which deal solely with horse racing bets) to use, too. Normally, the procedure involves picking your horse (or horses), then determining what kind of bet you would like to place, and how much you wish to stake. Each bet you place has specific odds (which are sometimes adjusted in play) and you can win a specific amount of winnings (unless it is a totes bet, which has shared winnings). The outcome of the bet is linked to the outcome of your horse in the race.

The types of bets

There are many types of bets you can wager on in horse racing. The main bets are to win (your horse wins), a place bet (your horse wins or finishes within a specific number of horses), and each-way (your horse either wins or finishes within a specific number of places in a combination bet of both win and place bets). These are also known as single bets.

Multiple bets involve betting on a double, a treble or an accumulator. In a double bet, treble bet or accumulator bet, you are betting on the outcomes of several races. In order to win these bets, you need to have all your bets return wins.

A few other types of horse racing bets exist, such as the tote bets. An Exacta bet can work the same way as a standard “to win” bet, although you can also pick a Combination Exacta (pick the correct horses in first and second). A Trifecta bet sees players pick the first three horses in the right order.

There are a number of other bets too, which of course, offer a far lessened chance of probability, and are far more difficult to set-up, such bets include the Quapot and Placepot bets.

The different types of Horse Racing

It isn’t just the bets that are numerous, there are also many different types of horse races. The Grand National for instance, is a steeplechase (meaning that there are fences and ditches to jump, as well as other obstacles). The Kentucky Derby by contrast, is a Grade 1 stakes race, which is a term used to describe the entry fee that owner’s must pay to race their horse. There are many more different types of horse racing terminology too, that players should learn if they want to be in the known about horse racing.