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History’s Biggest Casino Robberies

History’s Biggest Casino Robberies

Throughout history there have been several epic casino robberies. These are the largest robberies of a casino recorded to date.

Las Vegas’s former Star Dust Casino was the site of one of these robberies. In this case, Bill Brennan, a sportsbook cashier at the casino, finished his shift and left work. On him, he had a bag of cash and casino chips worth more than $500,000. Brennan disappeared with the money and has not been found to this day. No one has heard from or seen him, but he is on the list of the most wanted criminals by the FBI. There are rumors that Brennan had been working with an accomplice and that the accomplice murdered him and took the cash and casino chips for himself or herself.

In 1993 a married couple walked out of the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and drove away an armored truck containing $2.5 million of the casino’s money. After they drove away from the casino the 43 year old man abandoned his 21 year old wife and her baby, leaving them with $1,000 while the took the rest of the $2.5 million and disappeared. The wife ran from the law until she was caught in 2005.

During the 1970s two University of California students studying physics created a computer small enough to fit in a shoe. This computer had the ability to alter a casino’s Roulette wheels to change the outcome. One student wore the shoes with the computer hidden in them into many casinos throughout California and the other student would receive information from the computer that allowed him to make all the right bets to ensure a win. This system worked for the students for several months before they were apprehended by law enforcement.

A known bank robber and his two accomplices attempted to steal more than $160,000 from the Bellagio in Las Vegas. During the robbery the bank robber was spotted on the casino’s security cameras without so much as a mask. Afterwards, one of his accomplices turned all three of them into police. The bank robber that actually committed the robbery is now serving a life sentence while one of his accomplices killed himself in jail.

A Soboba Casino employee talked a friend into helping him steal $1.5 million from a vault in the casino. The employee held seven of his co-workers at gun point and bound and gagged three more of them before taking the money. His friend drove the getaway car, but the pair was caught shortly afterwards.

At The Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in 2005 two unidentified men walked into the casino and pulled a gun on one of the cashiers. They then stole an amount of money, but it was never revealed how much. Casino employees were clueless about where the men entered the casino and even which booth they took the money from. The casino never released an official statement to media.

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