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Handball in Sports Betting

Handball in Sports Betting

About Handball

Handball tends to be most popular in Scandinavia, and elsewhere in Northern Europe (where it originates from), with the Irish having their Gaelic version of handball. Handball is also a sport at the Olympic Games which gives this love it or hate it game extra prestige once every four years. This indoor sport is commonly offered as a sporting bet at online sportsbooks.

Games fall under the jurisdiction of the International Handball Federation, with 174 members being a part of it. Men’s and women’s world championships are held, and recently Brazil became the first team outside of Europe to win a tournament. As well as the major international championships, there are also national, domestic championships for you to bet on. Just which ones you can bet on depends on the sportsbook you are wagering at, though.

Betting on Handball

The bets in handball aren’t really that different from betting on football, or other goal-based sports. Players always have the option of placing an Outright Bet, which involves staking money on one team to beat another. They can also choose to favour one time to win the domestic or international championship, although this is often a long-haul bet.

Individual player bets are not as frequent in handball as they are football, but they do occur. For more popular are points bets, which are based on the number of points scored by each time, with a margin permitted in most cases. Those Over/Under Bets can usually be found at all good online sportsbooks which accept wagers on handball matches and competitions.

Betting tips and strategies

If you are based in the United Kingdom, you are unlikely to find too much action at your online sportsbook for handball games. The UK simply doesn’t really like handball, and never has done. With football being so popular there, you could have a hard time wagering on handball games in the UK.

However, there are a number of leading UK sportsbooks which do offer handball, because they also offer their services to players based outside of the UK; particularly to players in Denmark. Sweden, Finland, France, and Poland, where handball is incredibly popular.

When wagering on handball for the very first time, you should try and place simple bets until you grasp how the wagers work. We’d recommend trying your hand at Outright Bets until the season gets underway and you become more comfortable with the players, the teams, their form, and so on.

Major Handball sports events

Beach Handball
Handball at the Olympics
IHF Emerging Nations Men’s Championship
IHF Trophy
Super Globe
World Championships
World Games

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