Golf in Sports Betting

Golf in Sports Betting

About Golf

Everybody is familiar with golf. Whilst they may not play it, plenty love to watch it. Golf is one of the big sports you can bet on at online sportsbooks. Because of the vast differences between courses, the types of bets you can use, and the odds on them may vary wildly from event to event. This undoubtedly helps make gold a major player in the online sports betting world.

The biggest competitions in golf tend to be the PGA Tour, the European Tour, the Japan Golf Tour, the Asian Tour, the PGA Tour of Australasia, and the Sunshine Tour in South Africa. There are, of course, many other major golfing events for you to bet on, including the women’s LPGA Tour. Major men’s tournaments include The Masters, the U.S. Open, the Open Championship (British Open), and the PGA Championship. The Ryder Cup (played between the USA and Europe) is another major international golfing competition you can bet on.

Betting on Golf

Once you have identified the type of golf tournament you wish to bet on, you can bet on any golfer to win the competition outright. This is known as an Outright Bet. Spread Bets can also be made using the number of strokes golfers take, whilst individual rounds or bets on the entire tournament can be made when wagering on golf at online sportsbooks.

Odds are available for all of the major golfers winning all of the four majors, and these odds are also available well in advance of the first competition, so good odds can be had. Top 10 finish, top 5 finish, lowest round scores, and the like can also be wagered on. These tend to be known as Prop Bets (or Props) in North America, where betting on golf is quite popular.

Betting tips and strategies

Long gone are the days when you could simply bet on your favourite and he’d pull it out of the bad. That just doesn’t seem to happen anymore. As younger and younger golfers take the green, underdogs can sometimes pull of shocks. The best way to bet on golf then is to look for form. If somebody has performed well at one of the majors already, it is a fair bet to stake money on them finishing strongly in an upcoming golf tournament.

Betting against the leader is a common and popular golfing strategy. The more comebacks other golfers have in the final round, the more likely the leader is going to throw it all away. We’ve touched on this briefly when we talked about the young golfers, so betting against the leader before the final hole could be ideal for you, especially if you want a bit more action than a plain Outright Bet.

Major Golf sports events

British Open
KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
Senior PGA Championship
The Masters
The Open Championship
The PGA Championship
U.S. Amateur Championship
U.S. Senior Open
U.S. Senior Women’s Open
U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship
U.S. Women’s Open
US Open
Women’s British Open

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