Gambling Statistics

Gambling Statistics

Many of us have dabbled in gambling at one point or another, but sometimes we might wonder, how many others are like us and how many are gambling alongside us? Gambling has become an astonishing form of entertainment which players can use as a social aspect of their life, or do it privately without others around. In the last two decades, the number of people participating in casino based entertainment have grown immensely. Finding out this exact number is quite hard to do, but it’s somewhere around 1.6 billion people around the world gambling in one year.

Country by Country Statistics
When comparing different countries, gambling statistics are often notably different. In some countries, the vast majority of citizens frown upon gambling and to an extreme measure. Some casino activities are actually banned and can carry rather harsh fines or even imprisonment. In others, gambling is a big part of the culture. Australia currently has the largest number of gamblers per calendar year. The citizens of the country spend more on gambling than in any other region. On average, each adult will spend around $1,200 per year. In Australia, nearly 80% of adults are gamblers, taking the number one spot for the highest rate of gamblers in the world. A close second is Singapore, there the numbers closely resemble those of Australia’s. Also known for having a high percentage of gamblers are countries such as Ireland, Italy and Canada. The citizens in those countries typically spend around $600 per adult yearly.

Online Gambling Numbers
Online gambling to many is known as a new feature. However, the truth is, online gambling has been around for about 20 years. Since online casinos first launched, players went from around an average of 18 casino games to choose from to over 300 games today. The platforms have changed tremendously as has the technology used to access the online casino games. With the ever-evolving online gaming technology, this form of gambling gets better and better every year. One outstanding statistic about online gaming is that 57% of the players found in USA online casinos are female. In addition to that statistic, a good amount of the online crowd is between the ages of 21 to 34. This number accounts for over over 40% of gamblers in the United States. In the United Kingdom, online gambling has netted more than 4 billion in 2016, not to bad as far as revenue goes.

Mobile Gambling as and Add On
Increasing the numbers just slightly is a mobile platform in which many of the online casinos now offer with a full suite of games. In 2016 players worldwide generated more then 99.6 billion dollars in revenue. This is up 8.5% from the year 2015 and for the first time ever, mobile gaming took a slightly larger share then PC with just under 37 billion dollars in revenue. Mobile gaming is a way for players to play casino games for real money, no matter where they are. Using just their smart phone or a tablet in conjunction with a WiFi or other internet connection, they can play just about any game they’d like, no matter their location. This growing number is contributing to how many players are playing online, and is likely to only increase as the mobile market continues to grow.

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