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Gamblers Casinos Fear The Most

Gamblers Casinos Fear The Most

Though casinos want their players to win, they are in the business of making money, not losing it. There are several known people who have won so much from a casino that it raised red flags to casino staff.

At Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Bally’s Park Place Casino Reid McNeil won a $100,000 Keno Jackpot game in 1995. Casino officials became suspicious of McNeil because when he won the money he not only had no reaction he also took his payout in cash and said he didn’t have a photo ID to show. New Jersey State Gaming officials visited McNeil’s hotel room in Bally’s and found a friend of his in the room that was a Nevada Gaming Control Board computer technician. The friend was able to figure out the outcome of the machine that McNeil won the jackpot on, giving McNeil an unfair advantage. Both men were arrested for the crime.

Spanish-American Garcia Pelayo, a failed record producer, turned to gambling to cope. He was able to exploit the known wheel bias during the 1990s. This allowed him to determine the outcome in any game of Roulette. Pelayo started using his knowledge of the wheel bias to analyze Roulette wheels at casinos all over Spain. This allowed him to unfairly win a large amount of money playing Roulette. After he hit every one of Spain’s casinos he went to Las Vegas and did the same thing there. This continued until the casinos became aware of what he was doing, at which time he “retired” from gambling with roughly $1.5 million. Though one of the casinos in Spain tried to sue him; the judge ruled that he didn’t break the law.

Dominic LoRiggio perfected a technique he could use to win almost any game of Craps. He teamed up with dice control aficionados to use his skills in the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Later he broke away from the aficionados when he became convinced that they were preventing him from winning as much money as he possibly could. He then took his skills and began teaching a class on how to throw dice for the best results. Many of the casinos he played in have now applied stricter rules to how dice is rolled in any relevant table game.

Keith Taft used his knowledge of technology to build electronic devices capable of defeating most casinos. He created a computer for the sole purpose of counting cards during a game. After shrinking the computer to a small enough size that it could be concealed under clothing he went on to win $40,000 over the course of his first week using the computer. A casino did discover he was using this computer and detained him for it. He was released because the FBI was not able to prove that he used it to cheat at casinos. This resulted in Nevada passing a 1985 law saying similar devices could not be used to help people gamble.

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