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Free Video Poker Games

Free Video Poker Games

The History of Video Poker

Video Poker was first developed in the 1970s, by a man known as Si Redd. At the time, Si Redd was working for Bally Technologies, as a distributor. Redd had pitched the idea of video poker to executives at Bally, but nobody seemed interested. Bally did let Si Redd patent the idea, though. Si soon made a deal with the Fortune Coin Company and created the first video poker games, with the new game becoming the most popular addition to online casinos by 1981. The basic format for the games was Draw Poker. Today, that is still the case. Video poker games were easily ported into the online casino world, as they were all digital anyway. When online casinos got big, so did video poker games. Today, although looking dated and not as popular as in the past, video poker games make up a considerably portion of every online casino’s arsenal of games.

How to play Video Poker

Playing video poker isn’t really and different than playing standard 5 Card Draw. Players must choose their stakes, and when they wager them, they will be handed 5 cards. The player can then choose which cards they wish to hold, and which cards they wish to switch. The player can swap up to five cards, though only once per game. Once they have their hand constructed, their hand is measured against a paytable. If the hand is a winner, it is paid out from the paytable on the screen. The most important thing about video poker games, is that it is a player only experience, there is no dealer. The object of video poker is to simply build the best poker hand that you possibly can.

The value of the hands

Video poker games use the same 5 Card Draw hands as other poker games. In most video poker games, you will need a Pair of Jacks or Better in order to win anything at all. Some poker games have lowered this to a Pair of Tens, although many even require you to have at least a Two Pair. A Two Pair is bettered by a Three of a Kind, which in turn is beaten by a Straight, and that by a Flush.

Players with a Full House have an even higher hand, although a Four of a Kind can trump that. Any gamers with a Straight Flush will have the second highest hand in video poker, and the highest hand is reserved for the player with a Royal Flush.

Other hands are sometimes possible to formulate in video poker, depending on the variant. For example, in Deuces Wild, the 2s are wild, and there are video pokers where there are jokers used. In these games, it is possible to have additional hands, which aren’t standard to 5 Card Draw, such as the elusive Five of a Kind.

Video poker variants

There are a number of video poker variants in existence. Jacks or Better is the standard video poker game, whilst Deuces Wild is another one of the more popular wild card games. Other video poker titles will allow players to wager on multiple hands at once (sometimes up to 100 hands in one go). Each video poker is different, so it is important for players to learn what the differences between the games are, before they sit down to play.

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