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Free Slot Games

Free Slot Games

The History of Slots

Slot machine games are another one of the relatively new gambling games. Slots were first developed by Charles Fey, when he introduced the world to the Liberty Bell in 1895. By 1907, Herbert Mills had begun production of machines similar to the Liberty Bell, as a result of Charles Fey refusing to sell his product. It was Mills slot that first introduced the fruit symbols to slot machines. In 1964 the first electronic slot was unleased and slots were common in casinos, and by 1975, the first video slot was developed. Slots would develop further with the advent of video slots, by entering the online gaming world with the first online casinos, and eventually, the mobile casino gaming world, in the last few years.

How to play Slots

Slots are quite simple. A slot is constructed of a number of reels (usually either 3 or 5), upon which sit a number of paylines (pathways across the reels that combinations of symbols can be counted as a win). The player chooses the value of their coins, and then wagers a specific amount of them per payline. For example, if your coin value is 10p, and you wish to play with all 25 paylines, you will have to pay 10p X 25 paylines, which equals a stake of £2.50 per spin. Sometimes it is possible to wager more than 1 coin per payline. With the wager set, the reels are spun. The player wins by trying to match up as many identical symbols as they can on the paylines across the reels.

Progressive vs. Non-progressive jackpots

Slot machine jackpots come in two formats. You have progressive and non-progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are made up from small pieces of every wager staked on the game. These jackpots have no limit, and continue to grow until they are won. When they are won, the jackpot resets to a default minimum level, and will rise up again with more wagers. Non-progressive jackpots offer a fixed jackpot. It doesn’t matter how many times in succession players win the jackpot, a non-progressive jackpot will always offer the same amount.

Special icons

Some slots (usually video slots) offer special icons. These icons are known as special features. The wild icon is one such example. A wild icon is a symbol that can replace any other symbol in the game. This symbol can do many things (like cover whole reels, or spread to other reels), and it can also sometimes be the best paying symbol in the game. Think of the wild icon like the joker in a game of cards.

Free spins can also be triggered in some video slots. Usually this is achieved by landing scatter symbols. Scatter symbols count no matter where they are located on the reels, so they don’t have to be located on paylines. When 3 or more scatter symbols are located, the player will win a multiplied amount of money (usually against their stake), and trigger a number of free spin games. These games cost nothing to play.

You may also find some slots contain multipliers and bonus rounds. Multipliers can be added to your winnings, giving you really big prizes. Bonus games can consist of everything and anything, and are usually triggered by landing specific bonus icons in specific places on the reels, or by landing 3 or more of them anywhere on the reels.

Slot variants

Slots usually come in two variants. You have the classic slot machines, and the video slots. Classic slots contain the original fruit icons most of the time, usually only have 3 reels, a single payline and no special features. Video slots have bonus rounds, and special features, and often have 5 reels with multiple paylines. 3D slots are basically video slots, although with enhanced animated 3D graphics.

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