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Free Scratch Card Games

Free Scratch Card Games

The History of Scratch Cards

The scratchcard is one of the most recent gambling games to be invented. Not so much a game, as a singular opportunity to win cash; the scratch card didn’t appear until 1987. The scratch card was actually developed back in 1974 by computer scientist John Koza, and Daniel Bower, who was a retail specialist. They created an online lottery game, which would eventually be transformed into the card “scratchies” that exist and are still popular across the globe today. As technology advanced and online gaming become popular, scratch cards found their way into online casinos too, and from then on, they became ever more complicated, and less and less like their land-based cousins.

How to play Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a rather elementary type of gambling game. Basically, a scratch card is riddled with windows, the contents of which are hidden from view. In land-based scratch card games, the player uses a coin to scratch away the surface of the windows, to reveal the symbol (or cash amounts) that are behind them. In the digital scratch cards, players use their mouse and click on the windows to reveal their contents. The basic premise is the same, with the player needing to match up three identical icons (or cash amounts) to win a prize.

Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are a more modern version of the same game. These online scratch cards often come with catchy themes. They are often themed on popular movies or television shows, to lure in a larger audience. As well as having a nice paintjob, the online scratch card may also display some animation behind their windows, with dancing icons or cool graphics. They can also be played at a much quicker rate than land-based scratch cards. Players can even opt to play several in succession with an auto-play feature, or choose to reveal all the windows at once, with a special button designed to do this, if they are in a hurry. More importantly, land-based scratch cards are sold at fixed prices. It is possible with many online scratch cards, for players to choose their own stake. By choosing their own stake, the players adjust the value of the prizes that they are able to win in the online scratch card. This makes them easily affordable for most players.

Scratch Card Bonus Games

One of the perks of using online scratch cards instead of land-based ones, is that some online scratchies come with bonus rounds. Like online slots, scratch card can have additional ways to win. Whilst this is certainly not true of all slots, some of the more popular mainstream scratch cards do have this feature. A typical slot bonus round will see the player able to scratch an additional box for a multiplier, or perhaps to win additional sums of cash if they obtain the right symbols behind the windows. Some scratch cards have even more unique bonus rounds, which consist of mini games, although this is rare, as they detract from the overall point of playing an online scratch card.