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Free Roulette Games

Free Roulette Games

The History of Roulette

Roulette is a very old casino game. The game was invented in the 1700s, and quite by accident as it happens. A century earlier, Blaise Pascal was studying probability when he invented the perpetual motion machine. Over time, with a few modifications, it would become the roulette wheel that is known throughout the world today. By 1796, Paris already had roulette, and it was played continuously by the French royal family. The game spread throughout the next century to Europe and to American with immigrants, although certain rule changes were inevitably added by Americans, to make the game more difficult to win. Those changes can still be found in the game today. Roulette can be found in virtually every casino in the world today, including online and mobile casinos. Roulette is also offered as one of the major three live dealer casino games.

How to play Roulette

Roulette is all about probability. You must place a wager on the roulette table, by choosing one of the many types of bets that are open to you. Once your bet has been made, the roulette wheel spins, and wherever the ball lands will determine the outcome of your bet. Whilst it is possible to make decent money in roulette, the probability of landing huge wins isn’t so high. It is also possible to lose immediately, without any chance of a win, by landing on the zero. Although, there can be more than one zero, as we shall find out.

American vs. European Roulette

As we’ve said. The Americans adjusted roulette, to make it harder to win. Today, there are two main variants of roulette, American and European (there are other variants too, such as French roulette, with the La Partage and En Prison rules, but we won’t go into them). The main difference is that in European roulette, there are 36 numbers and one zero pocket. If the balls lands in the zero pocket, you lose instantly. This gives European Roulette a 2.7% house edge. American roulette contains 36 numbers are two zero pockets (a zero and double zero). Again, if the ball lands in either of the zero pockets, you lose instantly. This means that the house edge in American roulette is a higher 5.27%. You therefore, have more chance of winning in European roulette.

Inside bets

Roulette bets are split into inside and outside bets. Inside bets can include Straight bets (bets placed on a single number), Split bets (betting on two adjoining numbers), Street bets (betting on three numbers on a horizontal line), Corner bets (bets on four numbers on a square), Double Street (bet on two adjoining lines) and other far less popular bets, such as Trios, Baskets or Top Lines.

Outside bets

Outside bets are far more popular, and are simpler for gamers to learn. Outside bets offer more chance of winning, although with lesser paying odds. Typical outside bets include 1-18 (betting that the ball will land on one of the first eighteen numbers), 19-36 (betting that the ball will land on one of the last eighteen numbers), Red or Black, Even or Odd, Dozen bets (betting on the first 12, middle twelve, or last 12 numbers), Column bets (betting on 12 numbers on any of the three vertical lines), and Snake bets (bets on 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34).

Some of these bets also have names in French, if you are playing French roulette. 1-18, 19-36, Red or Black, and Even or Odd can also be known as Manque, Passé, Rouge ou Noir, and Pair ou Impair, respectively.

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