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Free Poker Games

Free Poker Games

The History of Poker

You have often heard of the term poker face, we’re sure? Well, as far as the number of faces that poker actually has, it is uncountable. There are so many variants of poker in existence nowadays, that to count them all and categorise them all would be very time consuming. Each poker game has its own unique history, too. Generally though, standard Poker (the concept that is present in most poker games, anyway), was developed during the 1800s. However, the origins of poker can span back almost 1,000 years! Some say that the Chinese invented poker, others that it is a medieval Persian game. Some will credit it as recently as France in the 1600s, with their game Poque. There isn’t really anyway for us to tell. What we can say though, is that poker really flourished in the United States in the 1800s, and that is where most of today’s modern poker games stem from.

How to play Poker

There are many ways to play poker, with each game seeing the player land a different amount of cards. There may or may not be a flop or community cards. However, if we look at the basic setup of every poker game, we can see similarities. The player is dealt cards, as is the dealer. From their hand, they may or may not be able to switch cards (drop) and replace them with others. The basic premise of poker is to build a hand that beats the dealers. No matter what poker game you are playing, the same hands are almost always incorporated into gameplay.

The value of the hands

Generally speaking, a hair card isn’t normally considered a valid hand in most poker games. The lowest qualifying hand would therefore be a pair, and in most poker games, this means a pair of Jacks or better. After a pair, the next best hand to hold is a two pair. This means that the player has two pairs of cards (for example, two Kings and two 5s). This is bettered by a three of a kind. When the player has a three of a kind, they will be holding three cards of identical value (three 8s for example).

A three of a kind can be bettered by a straight. When a player has a straight, they have all of their cards in numerical value (though not the same suit). A flush beats a straight, and occurs when a player has all of their cards in the same suit (though not in numerical order). A full house trumps all of those hands. If a player has a full house, they have 3 cards of one value (three 5s for example), and a pair of different value cards (let’s say two 9s, as an example).

A four of a kind beats a full house, and involves having four cards of the same value (four 7s, for example). A straight flush trumps that, and to get one, players will need to have all of their cards in numerical order and in the same suit. Finally, a royal flush is the ultimate hand in poker. If one is acquired, the player will have 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all in the same suit.

A few other poker hands exist, though these are reserved for variants, and are often built using wild cards (such as jokers), that can count for anything. An example would be the mythical five of a kind, which is possible with a wild, but isn’t recognised as a standard poker hand.

Poker variants

There are many poker variants in existence on the net. Some of the most famous games include Caribbean Stud Poker, Cyberstud Poker, Texas Hold ’em, Red Dog Poker, Tequila Poker, 5 or 7 Card Stud, Three Card Poker and Pai Gow Poker. The most standard poker game (adhering the rules mentioned above), would be 5 Card Draw.

Playing Free Poker Games

Today most of the people who are new to poker prefer to play free online poker games rather than playing with real money since it’s still fun to play and you still get your poker fix.

There are plenty of sites which offer you with free poker games online. These games are very much beneficial to the new players who are not very familiar with playing poker. By playing on free sites, they can master the game and learn the winning strategies. Once they are familiar with the game they can start playing with real money.

Just like the real money poker games, free to play poker games offer various types of poker games, like ring games and tournaments. Free online poker games allow you to play the games and test out the software to see if you like it. As free games do not involve any money, the players don’t need not think about winning or losing money, they can just have fun in a less serious game.

Finding Free Poker Games

In the games lobby of your preferred online poker room, there is a filter above the list of tables you can join, which includes a filter for play money tables that will display only play money ring game tables. There are also plenty of play money tournaments and freerolls which cost nothing to enter that you may also join.

The only requirement to participate in them is that you need to have signed up and created a new account on the online poker room. Freerolls are completely free to play, although you will need to have play money chips in your account to play and register in play money ring games and play money tournaments.

Playing free poker games online means you can hone your poker skills before hitting up the real money tables where there is more at stake. Through practice and experience you can learn the tips and strategies of playing and winning the poker games you like the most.

There are so many online poker sites that will have free or very low stakes poker games to choose from, so there is no good reason for thinking it would be too difficult to get started in online poker even if you have never played a hand of poker before.

The general level of play at the play money tables is pretty bad, and simply by doing the basics well and playing strong hands, it shouldn’t be too difficult to accumulate lots of chips and in the case of free poker tournaments go on to win the tournament. Increasing confidence in your own game, so you can go on to bigger and better things in the world of online poker.

Free poker games online are a great risk-free way to learn the basics of playing poker online and before you know it you will be able to test out your abilities in real money games but only when you feel completely ready to do so.

When you click on the “Cashier” button in the lobby, you should see your Play Money balance displayed next to your Real Money balance. You will need to have some play money chips available in your account to take part in the free poker games, unless it’s a freeroll tournament, which may be cost nothing to enter, not even play money chips.

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