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Free Keno Games

Free Keno Games

The History of Keno

Keno today, is a hugely popular gambling game. The game of Keno is actually rather similar to both lotteries and bingo. This is due to the fact that it is played by drawing numbers from a pot. The more numbers the player lands on their card, the bigger their prize. It is commonly accepted that Keno was first played in Ancient China. It has also been thought more recently, that the Han Dynasty may have invented the lottery based game in order to pay for the Great Wall of China. Just how and why Keno was invited though, isn’t too important. What is important, is that the game was changed over time. Keno originally began using Chinese characters (and plenty of them). Although over time, the number of character was reduced (to 120 today), the Chinese still play Keno with characters. In the western world, we have taken their game on board and altered it to play with numbers. The basic western game of Keno comes from Las Vegas, where horse racing was banned. Instead players used to put horses on cards and draw them out to simulate races, in a game known as “racehorse keno”. These numbered horse cards soon become plain numbers, and the modern western game of keno was born. Today, keno is played online and on mobile devices, as well as in clubs across the world, much like lotteries and bingo are.

How to play Keno

Western keno is an incredibly simple game to play. Basically, there are 80 numbers in the keno game. The player must purchase a ticket, with anything from 1 to 20 numbers marked off. Sometimes, the maximum amount of numbers a player may pick can be less than 20. The players can either choose their numbers themselves, or have a machine do it automatically for them. Generally, tickets cost roughly £1 (alternatively €1 or $1). From there, numbers are drawn out of a pot, and the player must mark off as many matching numbers from their card as possible. The more numbers they match, the more they can win. In this respect, keno is very much like bingo or other lottery based games. Unlike bingo (and akin to lotteries), only a certain numbers of balls are drawn out from the pot, though.

Progressive jackpot keno

On occasion, it is not uncommon for keno games to offer progressive jackpots. These are jackpots made up from small amounts of every bet staked. These amounts are accumulated into a big jackpot which keeps on growing, and is only won when a player lands all 20 numbers on the keno card. Generally speaking, progressive jackpot keno wins are highly unlikely, given that you will need to match virtually every ball that comes out of the pot.

Keno bets

It is possible for players to wager on more than one card at any one time, by purchasing multiple cards, which count for several games, or which count for the same game. This again, is certainly no different from any lottery or bingo based games.

The impossible truth about Keno full-houses

Sometimes the truth hurts. The actual probability of landing all 20 numbers on a 20 spot ticket is actually so low, that you have a 1 in 3.5 quintillion chance of success. For those who need to see the numbers, that is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,336! It has been reported that if a person played keno for every single second or every single day of the lived, they could end up with 1 winning keno ticket. Furthermore, it is thought that if all keno tickets were laid end to end, they would stretch the Milky Way, and only one would be a winner. Now, how is that for unlikely odds?

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