Flash versus Download Casinos

Flash versus Download Casinos

Which is better? Playing in your browser (via flash software) or downloading the casino client to your computer and playing from there? Are they any different beyond the obvious? These question may not have obvious or even defined answers in some case but let’s take a look at some of the differences and maybe you can make up your own mind.

The most popular these days are casino clients where you download some software, install it and then you will be able to load up the casino software on your computer and play. Once you have installed it the only other thing you will need to play is an internet connection. With that you will be able to play whenever you want, as long as you are on your own computer. This is often times the issue that some people have with downloadable casino clients.

What if you travel a lot and don’t always have access to your own computer but are instead working on lots of different machines? You do not want to be installing software on every single machine you use. For one it will be a hassle to do so and for two, you probably do not want to be putting casino software on other people’s computers without their permission.

This is where the no download, in browser casinos become extremely useful. With these you, as the name implies, do not have to download anything. Simply type in the website for the casino you want to play at and you can play straight away from within the web page itself. This gets around the issue of installing the software all the time and is also a lot more discrete than a download if that is something that you are concerned with too.
The download versions do come with the advantage of offering better quality audio as well as visuals. Everything can be downloaded and pre-installed on your computer so the software does not care about the size of the files, so they can be high quality. However, when you play in browser you will need to download all audio and imagery as you are playing and so the size of the file matters. So they keep them small, which means the quality will suffer slightly, although with modern technology the quality is still great.

No download is obviously more convenient as you can play straight away with no prior setup but ultimately neither is better than the other. It all depends on your circumstances and what you want to get out of it. Choose the best for you.

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