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Etiquette For Live Casinos

Etiquette For Live Casinos

There are significant differences between gambling at a land based casino and gambling at an online casino. While most of the time, one on one interaction is limited to land based casinos, with many online casinos offering a live dealer section of their site, for the first time gamblers can actually see and interact with their game dealer. While they can’t see the other players at a table game, they can interact with them as well, somewhat bridging the gap between land based an online casinos.

That being said, there are certain rules of etiquette that apply to both land based and online casinos and some that just apply to land based ones. However, gamblers should be familiar with these rules of etiquette regardless of where they are playing.

When one is on a losing streak it can be easy to blame the game dealer for it. However, doing so is bad etiquette and could potentially lead to a gambler being asked or forced to leave the table. Gamblers must understand that the variance of any casino game is not one they or the game dealer, can control. This rule can be applied to both online and land based casinos.

While some gamblers are tempted to cheat when they are not doing well in a game, this is frowned upon no matter where they are playing. In addition, in the long term it will ruin a gambler’s casino experience, as they will be caught and banned from the casino or will eventually run into other problems due to their cheating. The best rule of etiquette for playing in any casino is to play an honest game and let the chips fall where they may.

No one wants to deal with a drunk and unruly gambler. Unfortunately, this is something that both land based and online casinos have to deal with, though an online casino is unlikely to detect that a gambler is drunk and eliminate them from the game until they become sober. While it is possible for a live game dealer at an online casino to boot a gambler from the table and/or the game room for being drunk and belligerent, this is a much more likely scenario in a land based casino. Either way, etiquette rules state that gambling while one is drunk is frowned upon because of the likelihood of the drunken gambler causing problems for the dealer or the other players in the game.

On the other side of the coin, there are positive things gamblers are expected to do in order to practice proper etiquette in a casino. In land based casinos this means tipping the staff when they provide great service. Cocktail waitresses serving free drinks to gamblers rely on tips from those gamblers to increase their income. In addition, great game dealers deserve a tip from a gambler when they are winning and are able to give one.

Gamblers that are polite, friendly, honest and sober benefit all casinos.

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