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Entertainment in Sports Betting

Entertainment in Sports Betting

About Entertainment

As you may be thinking this anyway, it is worth getting out there – entertainment is a very broad category to bet on, isn’t it? What do entertainment bets constitute? Well, everything and anything, really. Most of them time, entertainment bets are more closely linked to reality television shows, such as the X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent. However, sometimes politics can take up the mantle as entertainment bets (if a sportsbook doesn’t already run a politics section), and general elections, music charts, and weather have also been known to appear in this category at sportsbooks before.

As a general rule, entertainment bets do not last very long. Whatever odds the bookie is offering are likely to be final for that week, and the “competitions” offered disappear almost as fast as they appeared in the first place. The only way you are truly going to know what kind of entertainment bets you can play with at your online sportsbook is to pop on over to it, and take a look.

Betting on Entertainment

Generally speaking, Straight Up Bets are the only real way to go with entertainment bets. These are bets based on an individual event occurring. For the sake of argument, let’s say that Donald Trump wins the race to the White House, Singer X wins the X Factor, or even Juggler B wins Britain’s Got Talent. There isn’t a lot of variety with the bets, but that makes it perfect for anybody who loves a wager, but doesn’t feel comfortable enough on bet on sports.

Betting tips and strategies

Where do you begin with entertainment bets? The ones based on celebrities (known, rather unoriginally as celebrity bets) are generally only appealing if you are watching the show/series pertaining to the bets. If you haven’t watched Britain’s Got Talent, for instance, don’t bet on it.

The problem with these types of reality TV shows is that most people are incredibly tempted to wager on their favourite singer, act, or what have you. Instead of actually wagering on the favourites. This can see you win big if your chosen bet comes good, but as is often the case with bets, the favourites usually win. There is just something about going with your favourite that makes entertainment bets exciting. That is, until they are unceremoniously dumped out of the show, taking your bet with them.

So, without any real tips or strategies to offer, the best advice we can offer you is to stay away from entertainment bets unless you are following the particular brand of entertainment that you are wagering on.

Major Entertainment events

Talent Shows

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