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E-Sports in Sports Betting

E-Sports in Sports Betting

About E-Sports

E-sports or eSports (as they are sometimes known) are quite revolutionary. These are not actual real-to-life sporting events, but rather multiplier video game competitions. Over the last year or so, video gamers have developed this niche, so that it is now a budding industry, complete with “professional gamers”. Tournaments can be watched, and now even the bookies are getting in on the action by offering sporting bets on them.

Only the major e-sports competitions are currently able to be wagered on at online sportsbooks, and you might be surprised to learn that the vast majority of sportsbooks are only just coming to terms with this new craze, so the offerings aren’t great. The Asian sportsbook markets seem to be the best for wagering on e-sports, where e-sport betting has taken place for well over 10 years. Europe and North America are struggling to catch up.

Betting on E-Sports

Generally speaking, there is no specific genre for betting on e-sports. Most bets on these types of games are Straight Up Bets, in that you are backing a winner in either a match or the entire tournament. Since some multiplier e-sports involve teams, you may also be wagering on them instead of individual players.

The types of bets you can place on e-sports vary from competition to competition. Moreover, they vary from site to site. Each online sportsbook is different, so you never really know what you are going to get with them. Odds for e-sports bets are generally along the same lines as any other sporting or leisure event, though.

Betting tips and strategies

You should try not to think of e-sports as sporting bets, and liken them more to the type of business and entertainment bets you can make at online sportsbooks. They work in much the same way as the latter, and this may help you understand them more. They aren’t common, and tournaments aren’t frequent, so your offerings can be sparse at times.

The possibilities for wagering vary from shoot ‘em ups, to RPGs and sports games. Football games are particularly popular at the minute, as are the Call of Duty games. As a general rule, you shouldn’t really wager on e-sports unless you know exactly what it is you are betting on. In short, if you aren’t a gamer, the whole concept may be lost on you. In which case, perhaps standard sports games are better suited to your needs?

Major E-Sports sports events

Call of Duty Championship
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dota 2
DreamHack Summer
League of Legends World Championship
Starcraft 2
The International 5
World of Tanks
World of Warcraft

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