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Have you ever seen people crowding around a lucky player in the casino throwing dice down the velvety flesh of the table? Maybe you saw it on a movie, or even in real person, either way the game you were seeing was called craps. Craps is a casino game of complexity. You can’t just pull a bar down or press a button. With craps you have to know what you are doing, and how the game is played.

Dice games have been around for at least 2,000 years. Craps was developed after a game called hazard. The game was refined several times during the year until it eventually became more mathematically fair. The game of craps was spread by riverboat until it eventually made its way to the western world.

When playing at a craps table you will notice that there are at least four workers present; the Box Person (who oversees everything), the Stick Person (who uses a stick to return dice to players), and two dealers. You will also notice that every casino will have their own dice with the casinos logo printed somewhere on the die. If these dice were ever to fall off of the table they would be checked for damaged. In an average day a casino will go through one pair of dice.

The basic method of play is to start by rolling dice. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and when a shooter sevens out (rolls a seven) it is then the next shooters turn. If the shooter starts out rolling a seven they automatically double their bet. At this time they are able to take their money or keep it on the table and let it ride, which is called pressing the bet. If you were to press the bet you would roll again. Let’s say you roll an eight. Eight would become the point. The dealer would then place a marker puck on the eight in the “place bets” section of the table. If you happened to roll a 3 and 5 next, and then finally double fours, you would have doubled your bet again.

You never want to go into a casino with a set amount of money for craps and play it until it is gone. You want to think about things such as transportation, or gas money to get home. If you want to leave the casino with at least what you came with and a little profit, you will want to only play with your winnings. If you gain any profit, set some aside and only play with the winnings.

There are some strategies that people use when playing dice. Developing a flow when you are rolling dice is something that takes a lot of practice to master. In the past casinos have had issues with people loading the dice, by shaving of slivers and causing them to land on certain numbers more. For this reason casinos use their own dice now. Some say rhythmic or controlled rolling is cheating. It isn’t legal but the casinos do not like it. If you like a game of chance craps is a fun and exciting game!

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