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Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker

You are going to have access to many types of card games when you visit an online casino, or for that matter a land based casino. One very popular casino game is Caribbean Poker.

This game is different to other poker games because you are not playing against a group of fellow players, but against the dealer in a head to head type of playing structure.

What makes Caribbean Poker a popular game is that you are also able to place an additional side wager which sits alongside your standard bet. This will open up a special set of bonus payouts, one of them being a very large and growing progressive jackpot.

How to Play Caribbean Poker

Before you can set a game of Caribbean Poker into live play, you must first place an Ante wager onto the betting box in front of you. You can also place the bonus bet wager at the same time.

Once these bets have been placed, the game will then start. It should be noted when playing online, the cards are always shuffled before the game starts. You will then be dealt five face up playing cards. The dealer will receive four face down cards, and one face up card.

Once these cards have been dealt, you must decide as to whether you want to continue playing or get out of the game by folding your hand. If you choose to fold your hand, you will lose your Ante wager. Alternatively, you may continue to play. To continue playing, you need to Call your hand. This is going to see you having to play a Call Bet wager which is double the cost of your Ante wager.

If you have placed a Call Bet, then the dealer’s hand will be revealed. Should the dealer’s hand not contain at least a King and an Ace, then the game will end with you receiving a payout of even money on your Ante bet and your stakes returned for your Call Bet.

If however, the dealer’s hand contains at least an Ace and a King, then both your hand and the dealer’s hand are compared, with the highest valued hand deemed to be the winner.

There are two pay tables in force on Caribbean Poker. One is for the Call Bet payouts and one is for the side bet bonus payout. Should your hand beat the dealer’s hand, then you are paid out on your Call Bet at the odds listed on the pay table.

The value of these listed pay table payouts can be high. In fact, if you are dealt a Royal Flush hand and have placed the side bet, you will win the progressive jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter.

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